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About Us

Based in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, CDEnviro was established as a Limited Company in 2011 to service the Environmental waste water sector in the UK and Ireland.

CDEnviro provides solutions for clients across 4 sectors; Landfill Diversion, Recycling Waste Water, Environmental Remediation and Energy from Waste. We deliver solutions for major water utility companies in the UK and for some of the world’s largest environmental consultancies.

 Today, CDEnviro has delivered processing systems for clients in the UK and Ireland, Europe, Australia, North America and Latin America. CDEnviro is a company within The CDE Group, which was formed in 1992 and now employs over 350 people across 8 regions.

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Our philosophy is that zero waste is an achievable target and something that as a company, as an industry and as individuals we have a responsibility to achieve.

Our experience in the handling and processing of a variety of waste streams from a range of different sources allows us to continue to design and manufacture new, original products and processes that will help us to achieve the objective of zero waste.

This is done by asking the difficult questions, taking on the difficult challenges and coming up with new ways to turn today’s waste products into tomorrow’s assets.

The opportunity that exists from the successful exploitation of what is now considered ‘waste’ is huge – and global.

Through the partnerships we establish with our people, our suppliers and our customers we can all work together to realise this opportunity.