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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is often referred to by the Japanese word ‘Kaizen’ which translates as ‘change for the better.’ At CDEnviro we continually work together to make small improvements to all of our processes so that we can deliver the best possible solutions for you.

Our model relies on our team to identify opportunities for improvement as they are closest to their work and therefore better equipped to provide recommendations. As the team come up with the ideas to improve their own work, they see the value of the changes they have made.

Constant feedback is an important aspect of our continuous improvement model. We encourage open communication during every phase of executing an improvement and there are various systems in place for this.

We know that it's not enough to simply make a change and call it improvement.  To achieve real improvement, we measure every recommendation to determine if the change can be applied successfully to other areas of improvement.  

Making continuous improvement part of our company culture has enabled us to tackle our most difficult challenges. 

Continuous Improvement Model

Quality and Continuous Improvement Process at CDEnviro

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