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We don’t just claim to be innovative at CDEnviro, we prove it by asking the difficult questions, taking on the difficult challenges and developing new solutions to transform today’s waste into tomorrow’s assets.

At CDEnviro, we don’t conform to what other’s in the industry are doing. Our dedicated Research and Development team ensure we are always one step ahead and strive to make us industry leaders.  Not only do we create new technology, we adapt our current technology to make it more efficient so our customers can receive the best return on investment.



The revolutionary S:MAX G, launched in 2016, changed the convention of how the industry screened and removed rag and grit. We came up with a new way of solving an existing problem through the use of high frequency screening which can handle high volume flows with relatively high suspended solids.

Up until the launch of the S:MAX G, the industry had been using the same technology in the same way. We first introduced the technology to the recycling waste water market and, due to demand, later diversified into Anaerobic Digestion (AD). The latest version installed at a customer site in August 2016 was to optimise their Anaerobic Digestion processes for increased operating efficiency by removing grit and sedimentation in the digestion tank. By removing the grit advanced the process by reducing wear in the machines and eliminating the need for downtime because of sedimentation, ultimately saving costs in the AD process.

These technological improvements are what prompted industry experts to highly commend the S:MAX G, the ‘Best Process Optimisation’ at the AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2017. As well as this we were internally recognised by Severn Trent for ‘revolutionary sludge screening.’


The CO:FLO is a liquid/solid separating solution that is scientifically proven and process developed in conjunction with the renowned Trinity College Dublin. It ensures optimal water clarification and solids settlement while yielding superior quality final products and facilitating tertiary water treatment solutions. The CO:FLO offers many advantages including:

  • Increased performance at no extra cost
  • 1.1 kW for a smaller environmental footprint
  • Higher quality water to produce higher quality products
  • Produces 10 times cleaner water than traditional water treatment processes
  • Less maintenance blockages for more consistent running

Multiple patents have been granted to this world class leading process that optimises chemical application and performance (GB 2526872, GB 2528753, GB 2552989, & WO 2018033423).

Two of the patents, GB2528753 (B) and GB2526872 (A), were granted within 2 years of application which is below the industry average time for processing patents.

By 2020, we aim for ‘Green 16’, which involves providing solutions for a wide range of customers in each of our 16 markets. Optimising processes to solve problems is our goal in all of our sectors through our innovations.

CDEnviro are looking for external partners to develop new and existing solutions. If you have a business idea or existing problem that needs a solution, we would be happy to discuss it. 

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