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Our Clients

Over the last 7 years we've achieved many things. Not only have we diverted millions of tonnes of material from landfill and reused it for valuable resources, we've also built up strong relationships with customers, who like us, want to play a role in protecting our environment.

Landfill Diversion 

"The introduction of the system from CDEnviro has made it possible for us to process an even wider variety of materials. The cost savings we are experiencing by the dewatered feed material from landfill has made a huge difference to our business."

Paul Thornton
Managing Director, RWR Commercial, UK


“CDEnviro brought a new, innovative approach to our processing of waste. The new solution effectively screens, classifies and dewaters our waste streams allowing us to divert 99% of road sweepings material from landfill. The effective recovery and re-use of materials from this solution ensures we are providing the most creative and sustainable waste management service in the UK.”

Mark Harley, 
Biffa Waste Services, UK


"Both ours and CDEnviro's aim was to achieve end-of-waste/waste-derived materials and CDEnviro stipulated that depending on the contaminants present a tertiary solution may be required but regardless the CO:FLO was a vital piece of this process. Since the installation we have noticed a significant decrease in the level of contamination in our centrifuge cake which is a testament to the effectiveness of the CO:FLO and have also had the added bonus of being able to increase plant throughput due to this new level of performance. As a result our sand and aggregate products are now within the aggregate quality protocol limits and consequentially we are now just weeks away from having these products de-classified as waste and certified for re-use"

Martin Bladon, 
SUEZ Site Manager, UK


Recycling Waste Water 

“All the evidence from the first sixteen weeks of operation is that yet another area of significant cost and interruption to plant operation has been successfully dealt with by the S:MAX. We are now sending 50% less waste to landfill than was previously the case. We are also recovering a range of materials from the waste and converting them into commercial products which have uses in a variety of applications.”

Nick Williams
Digester Manager, Severn Trent Water, UK


“The Sludge Reception Centre is such a strategic part of operations in the Fife & Tayside area. The screen is an extremely critical piece of kit and we mitigate downtime by the use of the available PMI. We also hold a full set of critical spares. This means there is no lead time for replacing any parts.”

Karen Smith
Team Leader at Scottish Water, UK


“The benefit of the D:MAX is the classification; to be able to remove the rag and grit from the stream allows us to separate our flows. With the D:MAX operational now, it has improved our throughput. Originally, when we were pumping straight to the balance tank, we were only able to process 1 truckload per day, now with the D:MAX we can fill 3-4 truckloads per day.”

Phil Connor
Production Supervisor, Conhur, Australia


 "The MSU:10 solution has helped us because the tanker now doesn't have to spend time travelling back and forth to Aberdeen to dispose off the sewage. We've saved money with the running costs of the tanker and within 6 months, the machine has paid for itself."

Sally Bremner
Waste Manager, MSIS, UK


Environmental Remediation

“Since installing the G:MAX in 2016, we have doubled our capacity in a wide variety of waste streams as well as the ability to handle thick sludges that had historically been troublesome to handle. The overall benefits of the G:MAX include less frequent parts replacement, less downtime for maintenance, and a significantly reduced volume of waste being sent for remediation, leading to lower operational costs. The G:MAX has been a financially and environmentally wise investment for us and re-affirms our commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.”

Stuart Coulson
Commercial Manager, Ribbex UK Ltd



Energy from Waste

 “Our investment in this technology reflects our sustainable approach and our commitment to ensuring the most state-of-the-art facilities for Anaerobic Digestion.  We believe that waste is a resource, so together with CDEnviro it’s great that we can set an example on what a Circular Economy should look like.”

Shane Doherty
Performance Manager, Granville Ecopark, UK

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