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Our Commitment To Green

At CDEnviro, we are focused on transforming today's waste into tomorrow's assets. Through our innovative technology, we're helping customers divert waste from landfill, while producing products like clean sand and stone for reuse or for selling. 

'Our Commitment To Green' is evident in everything we do including:

  • Using biodegradable pens
  • Sending all food waste to an Anaerobic Digester to create energy from waste
  • Reusing promotional materials for exhibitions 
  • A car sharing scheme to reduce fuel emissions
  • Participating annually in Recycle Week
  • Donating to WasteAid and WaterAid
  • Installing energy saving power sockets
  • Investing in solar panels as an energy and heat source

By embracing sustainability, we have become experts in the waste management industry. We strive for zero waste and are taking further steps to ensure this possibility becomes a reality.

Turn Today's Waste into Tomorrow's Resources

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