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A first for CDEnviro in Australia – Citywide install the first Street Sweepings Recycling plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

CDEnviro’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere has been marked with the installation of the first Street Sweepings Recycling Plant in Australia at Citywide in West Melbourne. The arrival of CDEnviro technology in Australia will see the practice of Street Sweepings Recycling transformed, as more councils look to achieve their waste reduction targets.

The Road Detritus Recycling plant is situated at Citywide’s Dynon Road Waste Transfer Station in West Melbourne, which is in the first stages of a major transformation of the recycling facility. The plant will divert up to 80% of Road Sweepings from landfill which is a first for an Australian company, as currently in Victoria, all municipal road sweeping waste goes directly to landfill. Citywide is now championing the future of recycling in Australia with the arrival of the new Street Sweepings Recycling Plant

The process of recycling Street sweepings has been proven by CDEnviro to divert waste from landfill while cleaning and recycling the washing water within the system. This provides operators with the potential to recycle all incoming waste streams to achieve maximum reduction in waste to landfill.

Recycling road sweepings has become common in the UK in recent years because of rising landfill costs and because of the innovative technology available from CDEnviro, which has brought a commercially viable solution to the marketplace. Conditions in Australia are now similar to the UK and Europe to bring about this change, with high landfill taxes and strong enforcement on waste disposal.

The Citywide plant will recycle 12,000 tonnes of collected materials a year. The plant is controlled with a touch screen display and can be monitored remotely by a mobile application. It has been purposely built in modular fashion in order to cater for elements that can be changed and upgraded to allow Citywide to adapt to an ever changing market.

Citywide contacted CDEnviro as part of their extensive research into recycling technology. This lead to representatives from the company visiting the UK to investigate the CDEnviro recycling technology in action at a number of different sites.

The Citywide plant process focuses on a number of key functions; it first requires attritional scrubbing to remove the contamination from the surface of the re-useable materials. The washing water then needs to be treated, both mechanically and chemically to allow the recycled water to be reused within the process. 


  • Diverting between 55 to 80 % of Road Sweeping waste from landfill depending on end markets for recovered products
  • Assisting councils in achieving their waste reduction targets under their own Environmental Management Plans
  • Reducing negative impact on the environment by deferring waste from landfill
  • The by-product (filter/sludge cake) can be donated to masonry companies to make blocks

Citywide stipulated that the output products had to meet a set of specifications for their asphalt plant and the CDEnviro recycling plant was designed to meet those specifications. Not only did this require the materials to be washed clean and organic free, but also to be of a given particle size, so that they could be usefully re-employed in the asphalt production process.

Commenting on the project, Group Manager of Infrastructure and Environmental, Matthew Whelan said “To improve the quality of decontamination and maximise the recovery of end products that are able to be upcycled, Citywide turned to this latest technology. CDEnviro has proven its expertise in the Road Sweepings Recycling sector with installations right across the UK and Europe. Its arrival into Australia will help revolutionise and promote sustainable waste practices well into the future”.

The Citywide recycling plant has been designed to be easily upgraded to recover large stone, which was not in the original design remit; this is a common feature among CDEnviro recycling systems in the UK. The modular design of the plant provides the scope for a number of upgrades to handle additional tonnage and produce additional products

Technical Sales Manager for CDEnviro in Australia, Darren Eastwood commented on the Citywide project saying “We are delighted to work with Citywide to bring this technology to Australia and to deliver to them a recycling system designed to meet their requirements. CDEnviro is the only proven supplier of this type of equipment who can customise the material outputs to the end users exact needs.”

CDEnviro continue to work with Citywide on a number of road sweepings and liquid waste processing projects in a range of industries including hydro excavation muds, drilling muds and municipal waste water pre-treatment. CDEnviro will work with their Australian partner, Wastech to deliver these projects around Australia.

Citywide Street Sweepings System

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