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Da-Lee, Canada

Ontario-based Da-Lee Environmental Services invest in CDEnviro equipment to reduce disposal and transport costs

Da-Lee, based in Stoney-Creek, Ontario offer a range of waste classification services. The company provides treatment, disposal, transportation and handling of a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste around Southern Ontario from Toronto to the US border. Prior to investing in CDEnviro equipment Da-Lee handled a range of solid liquid wastes by adding saw dust to solidify the materials sufficiently to allow them to be taken by truck to landfill. While this remains a responsible way to process these wastes, there were a number of efficiency issues that Da-Lee wanted to improve upon, namely:

  • Sawdust was an expensive commodity and represented a considerable annual overhead, not just in its purchase, but the logistics of purchasing and handling onsite.
  • By adding sawdust, the material was solidified but not dewatered. This means that the weight of the water was still going to landfill (costing Da-Lee money) instead of being removed and processed through their onsite liquid waste treatment centre.
  • Once the weight of the water is added to the weight of the solids and the sawdust, the cost of taking these materials to landfill was considerable – both in terms of $/ton gate fee and the carbon footprint impact of the entire operation.

This led to the search for a more sustainable approach, one that decreased the weight of the waste going to landfill, the logistical burden on the team, and the impact on the environment. With an increasing demand for their services, Da-Lee needed a highly-efficient process that reduced both disposal and transport costs in order to maintain the level of service their customers are used to.

The CDEnviro G:MAX was installed at the Stoney-creek site in 2018 with the aim of treating storm drain material, gully waste, culverts, gross pollutant traps, hydro excavation waste and a range of other materials. The CDEnviro G:MAX employs wet processing techniques specifically designed to treat and dewater the waste streams, extracting sand and oversize components in the process, and leaving the residual water easier to treat. Recovered sand output products can be diverted from landfill and can be reused in a number of low-grade construction applications such as pipe bedding, road fill and landscaping. The remaining dewatered material is easy to both dispose of and handle. With increased efficiency, Da-Lee are accepting more contracts than before and bringing the best value to their customers. David Rogers, CEO at Da-Lee Group, said, “The G:MAX has helped us dewater many of our solid/liquid waste streams in a more efficient way than we were previously. From cost savings to a more streamlined process onsite, this has made a big impact across the business."

CDEnviro provide waste classification systems for a number of waste streams including:

  • Hydro excavation/ daylighting waste
  • Road sweepings and gully waste
  • Contaminated soils

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