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Eastern Waste Disposal

Our solution installed at Eastern Waste Disposal is a UK first, recycling road sweepings, gully waste and trommel fines.

The plant has been installed at Eastern Waste Disposal’s Brightlingsea recycling centre in Essex. Eastern Waste Disposal is a family run business based in Brightlingsea, near Colchester and has built a reputation for providing a variety of waste disposal and recycling services in the East of England. Currently they offer skip hire, grab and tipping Lorries, waste tyre and wood management and collection and processing of waste.

Prior to the introduction of the CDEnviro system, Eastern Waste Disposal collected waste such as road sweepings and gully waste for processing at their Brightlingsea waste transfer station.
“In recent years waste disposal has turned to waste recovery and recycling. Equipment, technology and plant require huge capital investment but we knew we had to keep ahead of the industry to remain competitive in the growing waste sector. To improve the quality of decontamination and to maximise the recovery of saleable aggregates we turned to CDEnviro. ” commented Danny Carter, Director, Eastern Waste Disposal.

Eastern Waste Disposal began to investigate recycling systems which would allow a wide range of materials to be processed and diverted from landfill. The CDEnviro system offered the following solution;

  • The CDEnviro high attrition scrubbing system which ensures the surface of inert material is liberated from chemical contamination before being thoroughly washed and sized to produce customised sand, grit and stone specifications.
  • Washed organic material passed along a litter picking station to remove further contaminants and collect useful plastic and non-metal products.
  • Ferrous metal is removed and stockpiled separately. This can realise significant value as a reused product.
  • Hydrocarbons heavy metal contamination is removed through CDEnviro’s patented multi-stage water treatment process.
  • Fine silt is dewatered so it can be easily handled and reused within applications such as landfill restoration. 

The success of the installation at Eastern Waste Disposal was made possible through the years of experience CDEnviro have accumulated washing waste such as road sweepings. CDEnviro is dedicated to on-going research and development which has led to an in depth understanding of the contamination within feed material. The result of this investment in research and development is that CDEnviro has become the proven solution for washing Road Sweepings.

Technical Sales Manager, Darren Eastwood commented: “We don’t consider ourselves as simply another material processing company. We ensure we have a complete understanding of the contamination present within each feed stock and set up our water treatment process systems to focus on these contaminants accordingly. This ensures we always wash new waste with recycled water and ensure a consistent quality of washed product. This “unseen” side of washing is critical to the process of recycling on a chemical level.”

Eastern Waste Disposal’s dedication to promoting green issues was further illustrated by their insistence on harvesting rainwater on the site as a source of top up water supply for the washing system. This water, while not at potable water quality, is added to the water treatment system, cleaned and reused within the washing process.

Trommel Waste Fines

The CDEnviro solution was unique in that it combined the proven road sweepings recycling technology as well as the new potential to recycle previously landfilled trommel fines.

In May 2012, HMRC sent shockwaves around the waste industry stating that “any residue from treated transfer station waste, which is consigned to landfill, will be very variable and it will be impossible to determine the origin and exact nature of the source material.” The result was that the fines product from dry processing through systems, like trommels, would now command the higher rate of landfill tax. While waste handlers had to move quickly to increase the prices of skips or find alternative disposal routes, Eastern Waste Disposal spotted an opportunity previously untapped in the market for trommel waste recycling – washing.

Generally trommel fines are produced as part of the recycling process and consist of materials such
as wood, aggregate, glass and organics; they have traditionally been treated as an inert product and sent to landfill. The fibrous nature of these fines often makes them difficult to separate and recycle. CDEnviro undertook extensive testing in conjunction with EWD UK to ensure the new system would process trommel fines effectively and efficiently. The new recycling system scrubs contamination from sand, grit and stone, liberating unwanted lightweight matter and removing heavy metal contamination from waste water.

Explaining the advantages of the new system, Danny Carter said “We are in a position now to improve the quality of our recycled products and create a more sustainable market for our customers. The CDEnviro system has allowed us to unlock the potential of road sweepings and treat trommel fines as a resource not just a waste”

The way forward Eastern Waste Disposal has set a new standard in recycling large proportions of road sweepings and trommel fines using the dedicated, proven washing and water treatment processes from CDEnviro. With landfill taxes to increase next year this solution is an essential part of safe guarding their business for the years to come. General Manager, Matthew Bunting lays out the CDEnviro approach, “We are listening to our clients and the market. There are a wide range of waste streams that would benefit from a dedicated washing process to recycle various useful constituent parts. The approach with Eastern Waste Disposal was very straight forward – identify the waste stream, prove the process and match our solution with the client’s needs. Our customers recognise our proven and structured approach and our proven history provides the comfort that we can deliver”

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