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Eco Sustainable Solutions

Eco Sustainable Solutions’ investment into a new road sweepings and gully waste recycling solution proves they are ahead of the recycling game.

Eco Sustainable Solutions, formed in 1993, transforms various wastes from the wider community and converts them into usable, high-quality products. Eco owns and operates the UK’s leading purpose-built site for organics recycling and renewable energy generation. Over three separate facilities, Eco currently processes upwards of 250,000 tons of organic material each year.

Recycling is at the heart of Eco Sustainable Solution’s ethos. They saw great potential in road sweepings and gully waste as a valuable resource as it contains many useful materials that, once treated, can be recycled for re-use. Eco sought out a sustainable solution that was two-fold; a commercially viable plant and one that would drive recycling figures for the company.

In the planning stages, Justin Dampney, Operations Director said, “We had looked at numerous plants and CDEnviro’s specialist road sweepings recycling system ensured the best solution for processing roadside and gully waste. We were very happy with the outputs and the Environmental Agency also approved of the process.” After winning a contract from Dorset City Council, the Road Sweeping Plant was first introduced in January 2015 near Bournemouth with huge success.

The materials collected from gully and street sweeping wastes are processed to generate water, a-compost-like-output, washed sand and aggregates. Eco’s recycling facility accepts the waste and the material is loaded in using the weighbridge operating system and onto the machine hopper. In the attrition stage, organics float off and the aggregate fraction is removed. The aggregates include washed grit and two grades of stone, both this aggregate and washed sand are suitable for re-use. This site would have a higher organic content due to the rural location of the council making it increasingly important to recycle it sustainably. This organic content is then dewatered, composted and sent to restoration and the remaining material is a flocculated sludge which is dewatered, recovered and reused.

Eco are committed to working towards a cleaner, safer environment. They have previously invested in a MSU:10 from CDEnviro in February 2013 to be integrated into a new £5m biogas plant opened in September 2012, for the removal of positive 2mm grit/plastic.

Eco’s investment in this new treatment technology reflects the importance they place on waste management. Their evolving techniques over the years has saved councils and taxpayers thousands of pounds and the company has been recognised both locally and nationwide for their efforts in diverting these waste streams from landfill.

To learn more about CDEnviro's Landfill Diversion technology, visit our Solutions page or contact Eco Sustainable.

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