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FM Conway

A turn-key water treatment solution by CDEnviro has improved the entire washing and recycling process for FM Conway.

Based in Dartford, East London, FM Conway’s site processes sand & aggregates and recycled materials including Asphalt and Road Sweepings. Each year, over 200,000 tonnes of construction waste is recovered at the Dartford facility and reused as aggregate saving valuable natural resources, reducing CO2 emissions and also diverting waste from landfill.

FM Conway approached CDEnviro having experienced problems with their existing belt press system; this had proved to be an inconsistent operation causing a wet cake and further problems in disposing of the fines. Overall, the system was unreliable and affected the entire washing and recycling process which increased the amount of production downtime.

Along with these operational issues CDEnviro looked at the possibility of reducing the amounts of flocculent, in turn reducing running costs, and reducing the amount of clean water which was required to wash the existing belt press arrangement.

CDEnviro implemented a complete turn-key decanter system which has been proven for its adaptability in feed material and efficiency at the operating tonnage of 3.5tph. This solution was integrated within the existing site which posed certain challenges in itself. CDEnviro’s dedication to health and safety meant that the site continued to operate during the installation and integration into the washing and recycling process.

The introduction of the decanter has achieved an overall increase in production by 50% with the output product proving easier to handle and dispose. The flocculent usage has not increased since the decanter has been implemented, meaning an overall reduction in flocculent of 33% per ton of dry solids processed.

Water is an essential resource on this site and it was a critical factor that the clean water was produced from the decanter; FM Conway is now reporting that the centrate water is clear and excellent for re-use in the washing process. The CDEnviro system has also been able to harvest rainwater around the decanter, reducing fresh water requirements and keeping the surrounding area dry.

Commenting on the project Tim Metcalf, General Manager for Aggregate and Asphalt with FM Conway said “The increase in production has really been important for us; however, the increase in reliability is invaluable.”

Darren Eastwood, Technical Sales Manager for CDEnviro, said, “This was a complex project in terms of the location and integration with the existing works, which has allowed CDEnviro to demonstrate our engineering and project management capabilities. We are delighted to be part of the solution for FM Conway.”

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