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National Waste Management Services company, IWJS, invests in CDEnviro MSU:10 mobile sludge screens.

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IWJS Ltd, now celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2017, has been providing waste management and industrial cleaning services across the UK since 1977.

The MSU:10 solution, commissioned by IWJS, for both Thames Water and Anglian Water, is a single unit.  This allows for easy transportation by a six-yard skip vehicle and allows for an immediate start-up due to the built in control system.  Built with safety in mind the unit allows for quick and safe access, allowing IWJS clients to carry out essential maintenance.

With the use of the CDEnviro MSU:10, IWJS have been able to ensure increased operational speed and more efficient screening of waste water solids for Thames Water and Anglian Water.  The system ensures efficient solid and liquid separation with reduced waste volumes for a range of applications. A decrease in waste volumes results in reduced landfill therefore creating large savings for the customer.

As well as benefitting the customer, reduced landfill has a positive impact on the environment.  In relation to the solution provided at Anglian Water, Peter Maasz, Business Development Director at IWJS said: “Apart from the significant cost savings for Anglian, it’s the dramatic saving in the original volume of waste to landfill that’s particularly impressive, more than 97%.  The actual solids were reduced down to a mere fraction and naturally, this had a major impact on the amount of tankering that was finally needed on the job with major benefits to the environment.”

More information on these stories can also be found on the IWJS website or enquire below.