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MSIS, Invergordan

Our MSU:10 mobile solution for solid/liquid sewage waste is helping MSIS reduce transport time and costs and protect downstream processes.

Video Transcript

Sally Bremner, Waste Manager, MSIS

"MSIS is an industrial cleaning company that do tank cleaning, waste disposal and sewage collections from effluent tanks and septic tanks from public and private sectors. 

The problem that we had before doing sewage is that we had to transport the sewage at our site here in Invergordon all the way to Aberdeen which is a 3 hour travel each way with the tanker, so it was taking the tanker all day, that was our major problem that we had. It was costing us money instead of making the company money."

Peter Hayes, Business Development Executive, CDEnviro

"Working with CDEnviro has allowed MSIS to reduce their transport costs alongside being able to process their waste on site. Solid liquid separation ensures that the rag is removed at the point of discharge therefore protecting the down stream processes.

Have a mobile solution was key for MSIS to allow for rapid deployment whether it be at an import sludge facility or a remote island off the coast of Scotland."

Sally Bremner, Waste Manager, MSIS

"We found out about CDEnviro through one of our drivers. We were looking for a machine (solution) and he came across this machine while he was at a customer's premises so he took a video of it to show me what it was like and from seeing the video we found CDEnviro, we filled in an online form and the rest is history.

The solution has helped us because the tanker now doesn't have to spend time travelling back and forth to Aberdeen to dispose off the sewage. We've saved money with the running costs of the tanker and within 6 months, the machine has paid for itself."

John MacQueen, HGV Supervisor

"Before the system was in place we had to travel down to Aberdeen, now we just come back in 10-15 minutes and load it, so it's a huge saving."

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