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MTS Cleansing

Liquid waste specialists MTS cleansing have invested in three D:MAX mobile classification units from CDEnviro, separating grit and rag from sludge and recycling 100% of screened waste.

Liquid waste specialists MTS cleansing have invested in three D:MAX mobile classification units from CDEnviro, allowing them to separate grit and rag from sludge and recycle 100% of screened waste.


Established in 1986 as Municipal Tanker Services, MTS Cleansing is a Crust family business and one of the largest in the liquid waste industry in the UK. MTS service their customer base with 270 vehicles working from a network of depots providing comprehensive waste management services to local authorities, utilities and domestic customers.


D:MAX is a mobile screening and classification system used to process a variety of materials like grit, sludge and fibrous rag within the waste water treatment process. It is proven to offer waste water companies and their contractors the most efficient processing system for a range of waste materials while maximising the potential for material recovery. The mobile nature of the unit minimises the transport cost of waste materials.


MTS initially contacted CDEnviro to purchase two D:MAX units however due to the volume of work secured by MTS this order increased to three D:MAX units; MTS has secured a five year extension on their contract with Southern Water taking the agreement through to 2021.


D:MAX has the potential to divert tonnes of waste from landfill and recover large volumes of recycled grit and aggregates for further use. With landfill costs continuing to rise, the D:MAX system offers water utility companies a route to achieving considerable reductions in costs and increasing operational efficiencies.


Spencer Crust, Operations Director at MTS Cleansing, commented on the D:MAX performance for MTS, ‘Our expert teams use the best technology available to screen and recycle digester waste, the D:MAX units from CDEnviro allow us to combine the latest technology with our  expertise to offer customers the most efficient and cost effective solutions’.


D:MAX has enjoyed considerable success in the UK at some of the major utility companies, including Severn Trent Water and United Utilities and with contractors to the industry. A key advantage is the volume of waste that once went to landfill has been reduced; the waste is now drier and easier to manage and transport movements are reduced as a result of the recycling and material recovery taking place in situ. As well as reducing waste to landfill, the grit and silt that is recovered from the waste water can be resold as recycled aggregates, giving customers a new revenue stream. In addition to this, the organics and other screenings can be used in energy generation.


‘The D:MAX’s continued success is due to the fact that it is proven to offer both water utility companies and contractors to the industry the most efficient processing system available for a range of waste materials’ comments Darren Eastwood, Technical Sales Manager with CDEnviro.


CDEnviro had previously provided a processing plant for MTS sister company, CFS, to remove the excess moisture from sewage/sewer grit collected by tankers. The sewer grit was then sent to an in-vessel composting system (IVC) which can convert sewage grits and screening waste into valuable fertilizer in just 12 days.


To learn more about CDEnviro's screening solution for MTS Cleansing, please check out their website or enquire with us below.

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