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UBU Environmental Ltd

The video case study below highlights how our solution is helping UBU Environmental to divert road sweepings material from landfill and create processed products, ready for re-use.

Landfill Diversion at UBU Environmental Limited

Video Transcript


Michael Murphy, Owner, UBU Environmental
"The problem we have had at UBU is the disposal of the waste that the road sweepings bring in. As UBU gets bigger, the more waste we end up bring back to the yard. Because the waste is wet, the waste facilities with the constraint on the landfills, aren't able to take it, and it takes a long time for them to dry it and make it accessible for them to take it to their sites. We approached 3 different companies to find a method to dispose of the waste by breaking down and treating it internally. CDEnviro came across as the most proficient and efficient, and eventually we chose them."

Marc Jennings, General Manager, CDEnviro
"Our overall aim within the business in CDEnviro is to have a look around the 4 strategic regions that we are involved in today and try to find problems that need real technical solutions from us and the team. We work with customers to take materials away from landfill in one of our sectors and create reusable products, so try to develop a solution in accordance with the customer that will actually make those materials more usable in the industry."

Mike Peers, System Operator, UBU Environmental
"The sweepers will come in, they will tip off the water, then they will tip off the waste. We take the waste into the trommel shed which then works its way through the system, extracting the metals, 2 various sizes of stones, and then 2 grades of sand; basically then we are left with a product which is a pure sludge- it's taken out the aggregates basically."

Scott Hamilton, Project Manager, CDEnviro
"It is important to have a relationship with a customer like UBU. It is a complex plant and they've obviously trusted the sales man that has got them to purchase the plant in the beginning. We then have to earn that trust from them after the sales man has gained their trust. So we will come over for a kick-off meeting with the customers, we will survey the plant, we will bring in a surveyor if need be, and we will start to build the relationship."

Gregg McKeown, Engineering Manager, CDEnviro
"I was able to work with Michael and his team and we worked internally with the team in CDEnviro and we looked at technical specifications, ensuring that the feed spec material which he had we knew about and we could get the required outputs of that feed material. Obviously with the aim being ensuring as much diversion from landfill as possible."

Eddie Murphy, Senior Waste Manager, UBU Environmental
"The biggest reason for us for focus on landfill diversion is cost. With ever increasing landfill costs and taxes, we just found that it was becoming unsustainable for us to keep continuing to take waste to landfill. The processed products will be used for pipe bedding, for utilities. We are already using them around our own site and with the quantities we are producing we are hopefully going to market the products out and they will be used on sites, even the sites they have been swept up from in the first place."

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