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Videsa, Switzerland

Videsa are recovering sand and stone from road sweepings and gully waste, limiting waste quantities and reducing transport costs.

Watch our case study video below:

Videsa, Switzerland

Video Script


Mr. Glassey, Owner of Videsa

“Videsa turned 50 years old this year.The company is active in remediation works. It is divided into several sectors- remediation, building services, hiring of WCs, waste treatment and pipeline camera inspection.

It is important to know that in Valais for more than 10 years there has been a ban on landfill therefore all our waste is transported 200km away several times a week so that involves transport costs that aren’t good for the business…and the client of course.”

Patrick Vallet, Systems Operator, DC Services

“I am an employee from DC Services. I ensure the maintenance of the system and maintain communications with CDEnviro in Ireland. The system separates the different components of the waste by washing it, allowing us to add value to a large part of it.

The waste collection vehicles arrive full, first they separate the organic waste and then the sand is separated. Mr Glassey is the owner of Videsa and contacted us because he needed a solution for his waste and then he heard about CDEnviro and learnt that there was an existing system here and then we visited and our relationship started there which led to the system here [at Videsa]…and now we work in harmony. Being the same age, this helps a little bit.”

Mr. Glassey, Owner of Videsa

“The legislation that has come into effect, led us to invest in a treatment system. The CDEnviro technology meets these [legislative] requirements and allows us to limit the quantity [of waste] by adding value to most of it.”

Rebekah Hamilton, PR Executive at CDEnviro

“We at CDEnviro are delighted to have been able to support Mr. Glassey in his operations. We want to maintain a long term relationship with the team here. Our aim is to be there when they need us and support the team at every stage of the project. We’re really happy to be able to contribute to their success for years to come.”

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