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CDEnviro Help RWR Reduce Waste to Landfill

06 February 2012

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Stratford based RWR have recently installed a gulley waste processing plant from CDEnviro which has revolutionised the way in which they classify waste and recover sand from waste material.
RWR are specialists in the collection of solid and liquid waste, handling a variety of tankered waste including gulley waste, road sweepings and waste water from utility companies.
The main advantage from installing the CDEnviro system was the ability to reclassify waste, moving it from a ‘non-hazardous’ category to an ‘inert’ category for disposal, providing significant savings in landfill tax.
CDEnviro tailored the G:Max system specifically to RWR’s requirements by designing a system that could receive solid/liquid waste fed from an excavator bucket to suit their existing equipment on site
“The introduction of the system from CDEnviro has made it possible for us to process an even wider variety of materials. The cost savings we are experiencing by the dewatered feed material from landfill has made a huge difference to our business” says Paul Thornton, Managing Director, RWR Commercial
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