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Continuing Success for CDE with IMechE

06 August 2013

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The continuing relationship between CDE and IMechE has recently been marked with the progression of a number of Engineers to Fellow, Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Incorporated Engineer (IEng).

The MPDS scheme in place at CDE was accredited by IMechE in 2009 and the company now has three CEng Fellows, 6 Chartered Engineers and 3 Incorporated Engineers in place. One of the recent Fellows, Brian McCullough, was responsible for securing the IMechE accreditation in the first instance and as a result is in a good position to comment on the significance this has for the company.

Brian is Head of Talent & Organisational Development at CDE Global – a role developed to manage the recruitment and progression of all CDE employees and born out of the success in building the engineering team when he joined CDE in 2007. He says “Over the last 4 years we have recognised that through our association with IMechE we are able to ensure we maintain our reputation for innovation and engineering excellence. Our commitment to IMechE can be seen in the results we have achieved in such a short space of time and is also testament to the quality and commitment of the engineering team we have in place at headquarters.”

Through the MPDS scheme all new recruits to the CDE engineering team are put on the path towards Chartered Engineer status. “This is hugely significant for us at the recruitment stage” explains Brian. “We want to ensure that we can attract the highest calibre of engineers from our local universities so that we can continue to be successful in developing new products and entering new markets and sectors. IMechE accreditation is the vehicle for doing this.”

This opinion is echoed by recent entrants to the scheme. Glenn Sloan is Senior R&D Engineer with CDE and has recently achieved Chartered Engineer status. “The fact that CDE were able to offer a potential route to Chartership was very significant at the recruitment stage as it ensured that I had the opportunity to continue to develop my engineering skills and knowledge to a point where I would be recognised as being at the top of the engineering profession” explains Glenn. “IMechE is an internationally recognised institution which only increases its appeal.”

The benefits to the individual are obvious but what does the company get from all of this? Tony Convery is the founder and Chairman of CDE, and a Fellow of IMechE. He explains the benefits. “Through our involvement with IMechE we’re investing in our future – building future leaders, safeguarding future product development initiatives. We aspire to be the number one washing equipment company in every country in the world – that’s our company vision. That level of ambition requires a very high standard when it comes to the people we employ and IMechE helps us to deliver this standard.”

The benefits of the association with IMechE have not been restricted to the engineering team at CDE. The company has introduced a competence review and performance management process which has developed from what has been learned since accreditation was secured in 2009. “The MPDS process has benefits for everyone in the company as it provides a very effective way of measuring competencies, managing performance and setting development goals” explains Brian McCullough. “We have learned a lot through our association with IMechE and will continue to develop the relationship over the coming months and years.”

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