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AggFlow expands wash/water simulation capabilities

07 November 2013

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AggFlow expands wash/water simulation capabilities

Aggflow has expanded its wash and water simulation capabilities to include specific applications for washing and dewatering, water treatment and recycling, screening and scrubbing and attrition.
In addition, the program has been expanded to include manufacturer specific machines with unique control attributes for each machine, allowing users to accurately simulate and evaluate total plant operations.
“Starting with CDE Global, AggFlow now provides the ability to simulate and evaluate plant operations and performance using manufacturer specific machines. This represents a significant expansion of the wash and water capabilities in the program and will be a very useful tool for our customers who use water in their plant operations,” says Bryan Lewis, president of Bedrock Software, and inventor of the AggFlow Program.
In addition to standard aggregate mass balance calculations, program users can simulate individual wash/water machines to calculate and track the water mass balance for the entire plant.
“With CDE equipment in AggFlow our engineers, sales people and customers have instantaneous access to detailed information, and complete control over the machine simulations. Not only can they simulate what is actually happening, but they can use the program to closely manage the overall operation and to identify areas where production improvements can be made. The results from this level of information and coordination can have a significant impact on overall productivity. Our customers and our engineering and sales teams have been very satisfied with the results,” says Chris McKeown, senior technical engineer at CDE Global.

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