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CDEnviro Reduce Waste and Improve Service for Andidrain

17 September 2013

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Leading drain cleaning and waste water maintenance specialist, Andidrain, has invested in a D:MAX mobile screening and classification unit from CDEnviro which has reduced waste to landfill by 70%.

D:MAX from CDEnviro is a mobile trailer mounted screening and classification system used to process a variety of materials from the water and waste water treatment process. The mobile nature of the unit minimises the transport cost of waste materials
This 3rd generation D:MAX unit will be used to process a variety of waste materials from digesters across United Utilities’ wastewater treatment sites separating rag and plastics as well as grit materials from waste, reducing waste to landfill volumes and costs. 
“The D:MAX has reduced the mileage and time required to deliver our customer’s requirements.  Removing accumulated grit and rag effectively from the wastewater process ensures we remove the problem from site.  We are now able to reduce waste to landfill while providing an efficient, high quality service” explains Andrew Little, Partner at Andidrain.
Given the increasing costs of sending material to landfill, any system that can reduce volumes to this extent will have a significant impact on operational costs for operators in the industry. The D:MAX is proven to offer water utility companies and their contractors the most efficient processing system for a range of waste materials and maximises the potential for material recovery.
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