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Eco Sustainable Solutions Recycling Plant is Sweeping Up

09 December 2014

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The latest CDEnviro Road Sweepings recycling plant installed at Eco Sustainable Solutions in Parley, Dorset is expected to save councils hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Eco Sustainable Solutions operates one of the UK's leading purpose-built sites for organics recycling and renewable energy generation, processing upwards of 250,000 tons of organic material over four facilities. The recycling plant installed at the Dorset site will recycle gully waste and street sweepings including leaves, grit, sand and silt. Once commissioning is complete, the plant will have capacity to handle up to 30,000 tonnes of material per year.

End products produced by the plant will include 10mm and 20mm secondary aggregates, grit, sand and compost. A maximum of 20% of outputs will go to landfill.

Eco's Managing Director, Trelawney Dampney estimated that councils could save up to 30% on landfill charges with savings totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds overall as landfill charges, including disposal, tax and haulage now in excess of £100. 

Eco's Parley site annually processes about 150,000 tonnes of material and also features an anaerobic digestion plant, waste wood processing and open windrow composting as well as a solar farm



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