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CDEnviro Provide Sludge Screening Solutions to Leading UK Water Utilities

24 July 2014

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Since the 2010 launch of the S:MAX sludge screen into the UK sewage and waste water treatment market, CDEnviro have continued to further strengthen their position in the industry by securing their first sludge screening projects with two leading UK water utility companies.   

Following the successful trial of an S:MAX SRU:25, CDEnviro have recently sold a sludge screen to Welsh Water, who provide over three million people with drinking water and sewage treatment.  The CDEnviro S:MAX plant will be installed at Welsh Water’s Eign site, on the outskirts of Hereford and will screen imported sludges prior to treatment.

The second recent successful coup for CDEnviro includes the provision of two S:MAX sludge screening units to United Utilities, who serve over seven million customers with drinking water and sewage treatment,  at their North West site in Leigh, greater Manchester.  The S:MAX units will screen both imported and indigenous sludges as part of the new energy generation process being installed onsite.

CDEnviro have now sold S:MAX screening removal units to 7 of the 12 major UK water utility companies (Severn Trent Water, Thames Water, Wessex Water, South West Water, Scottish Water and more recently Welsh Water and United Utilities), accounting for approximately 60% of the market

The S:MAX is a portable, package screening system applied wherever there is a requirement for liquid/solid separation.  The system effectively removes oversize, screenings and rag material from a variety of waste water and industrial sludges, accepts discharge directly from tankers, and offers a unique back wash system designed to ensure screens do not block with screenings material. 

General Manager for CDEnviro Matt Bunting comments ‘The S:MAX represents a significant development of the technology available to the sludge and slurry screening market and we are delighted to extend this offering more recently to Welsh Water and United Utilities.  The elimination of blockages during screening is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages and cost saving measures of the S:MAX and I’m confident that these two leading water utility companies will reap these benefits, quickly recoup their capital investments and lead to further productivity and cost savings moving forward.  Our extensive experience in the supply of classification and dewatering equipment to the global mineral processing market enables the offer of a product which ensures enhanced health and safety on site, offers operators greater operational efficiencies, maximises the potential for material recovery for re-use and minimises waste generated in the sludge or slurry treatment process.’

Designed for enhanced operational efficiency, the S:MAX system can receive feed material directly from two tankers at any one time; is capable of receiving all sludge types; and there is no requirement for a reception tank and feed pump which substantially reduces CAPEX and OPEX.  Moreover, the S:MAX offers minimal footprint on site, rapid deployment; quick, easy and safe access for maintenance; and ultimate flexibility with a range of feed rates accommodated for. 

The S:MAX screenings removal unit can be applied to process a variety of materials in the waste water treatment sector including raw sludge, pond emptying, storm screen, inlet rag screening, inlet grit screening, SAS and digester waste.  The S:MAX can also be applied in industry within the following sectors for the effective removal of oversize screenings from slurried materials; food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper & pulp and agricultural. 

For more information on the S:MAX range and all other products from CDEnviro, visit or contact us on +44 28 8676 7900. 


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