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Ribbex UK Ltd. expands its waste handling capabilities with one of CDEnviro’s grit removal solutions

01 March 2016

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Ribbex UK Ltd. has invested in one of CDEnviro’s grit removal solutions, the G:MAX, which will allow Ribbex to handle double its capacity in a wide variety of waste streams with lower operational costs. This modified version of the popular G:MAX screening and grit recovery equipment will see a larger screen installed to allow Ribbex to handle increased dry solid loading.

The waste services originally carried out by The Honeywagon Company Ltd – a company under common ownership with Ribbex  – has recently been incorporated into the more diverse waste management solutions of Ribbex after formal acquisition in 2015. This enables Ribbex to directly supply vacuum tankers to customers for activities ranging from gully cleaning, interceptor cleaning, tank cleaning, river cleaning and road sweepings.

Each month Ribbex handles in excess of 1000 tonnes of waste at its Welwyn Garden City treatment plant, and with a now increased customer base suppling waste typically handled by Honeywagon, partnering with CDEnviro has never been a more financially and environmentally wise investment going forward.

Ribbex’s investment in the G:MAX, allows for a much more diverse range of waste streams to be handled. As a result Ribbex can take on a much higher volume of materials allowing them to double their current capacity by 2017. Demonstrating CDEnviro’s state-of-the-art screening and HydroCyclone technology, the G:MAX’s dual stage washing and recycling capability enables it to efficiently remove particles that would otherwise wear and damage downstream processes. Staying true to CDEnviro’s environmental ethos, the grit recovered can be reused as a new potential revenue stream as low-grade construction materials for pipe bedding, road fill and landscaping. The overall benefits experienced by Ribbex is less frequent parts replacement, less down time for maintenance, and significantly reduced volume of waste being sent for remediation- leading to lower operational cost.

Each partnership with CDEnviro is unique, and the challenge that each project presents is treated uniquely to provide a tailored solution to each individual customer. The installation of the G:MAX at Ribbex’s Welwyn Garden City treatment plant was no exception. By keeping the site manager and Managing Director updated and involved throughout the whole project, CDEnviro was able to demonstrate the product’s true adaptability in fitting the G:MAX with a screw hopper – minimising the footprint whilst allowing for cleaner handling of waste – and retrofitting it between Ribbex’s existing works with minimal down time.

“Adrian Convery of CDEnviro has worked closely with Ribbex throughout the procurement process and has been helpful throughout” commented Stuart Coulson, Plant Manager for Ribbex.

Despite strong competition from providers offering cyclones and other upstream capital equipment, only CDEnviro was capable of providing Ribbex with a full solution using the most advance and proven technology. With CDEnviro’s high regard for customer service and extensive experience in providing full solutions with leading and proven technology, CDEnviro looks forward to further working with Ribbex UK Ltd as they grow their business.

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