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U.B.U Environmental Limited Make Sustainability their Priority with Road Sweepings Recycling System

15 March 2016

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We are pleased to announce that U.B.U. Environmental Limited, has invested in a turnkey road sweepings recycling system from CDEnviro which will process in excess of 50,000T annually.

As a processor of road sweeper waste, it was imperative that U.B.U. Environmental Ltd adopted a technology solution that would firstly process waste to reduce contaminants, and secondly have the capacity to recover and re-use this material.

Established in 1998, U.B.U. Environmental Limited is a family business, located in Manchester, with over 50 years’ experience in Plant Hire through its sister company T J Murphy Ltd. Today, the company operates a fleet of over 90 road sweepers, tankers and jetters and predominantly services the North West of the UK and surrounding counties. 

Discussions with U.B.U. Environmental Limited and CDEnviro commenced in 2012, when U.B.U. Environmental Ltd had the foresight to recognise that investment in recycling was crucial to their ongoing sustainability. Annual increases in landfill tax have significantly increased the costs associated with disposal of road sweepings and gully waste for companies who offer reception and collection services for this waste. Initial discussions between CDEnviro and U.B.U. Environmental Limited were followed by lengthy negotiations to obtain planning permission, with permission finally being granted in late 2015.

The new turnkey road sweepings recycling system will be installed in Summer 2016 and will consist of a trommel, a CO:FLO water clarification system, a HYDRO:FLO settlement and sludge conditioning system, an EvoWash grit recovery system, a HYDRO:GRADE system for liberating and classifying unwanted constituents,  and a decanter to recover fines. The recycling system will be located inside a steel portal framed building, something CDEnviro has experience with on multiple projects, and so were easily able to illustrate how this could work for U.B.U. Environmental Limited.

The current process at U.B.U. Environmental Limited involves material being dewatered in treatment bays, and the solids disposed of to landfill. Mr Scott Hamilton, Project Manager at CDEnviro, comments on the newly purchased system, “The benefits of this turnkey system are twofold; firstly it puts U.B.U. Environmental Limited in greater control of their disposal costs and allows them to counter the effects of the landfill directive and annual increases in landfill tax. Secondly, and most importantly, it guarantees that they have a future sustainable business approach.”

This system will also allow the recovery and re-use of recycled material including the use of sand and stone for offsetting virgin materials. This includes pipe bedding, landscaping uses and sub-bases, resulting in far-reaching environmental benefits.

Road Sweepings and Gully waste have proven to be a valuable resource with many materials being recovered for re use. The typical breakdown of road sweepings includes grit, plastic, paper, card, wood & glass. Further information on CDEnviro can be found at More information on U.B.U. Environmental Limited can be found on their website.


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