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JC Enviro Expands Business with CDEnviro Mobile Dewatering Unit

11 October 2016

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CDEnviro’s mobile dewatering unit is another step that JC Enviro has taken recently to significantly expand their business. With the purchase of CDEnviro’s mobile G:MAX, they will be able to significantly reduce their landfill burden.

Established in 2006, JC Enviro is a known and well-established family business in County Monaghan since the founding in 2006 by father and son, John and Lee Conlon respectively. Since this, JC Enviro has continued to grow its customer base and set high standards. Cleaning out waste for various Irish water sites across the country, they continue their proven track record of reliable and efficient service of waste water recycling across various municipalities.

Originally, JC Enviro approached CDEnviro in 2013 and the wheels were set in motion to securing a solution that would immediately benefit their business and assist in propelling them towards the forefront of the drainage industry. As space in pre-existing landfills for such specific waste continues to decrease, JC Enviro knew that a solution would exponentially help their business grow by cutting landfill disposal costs. Before they settled on the Mobile G:MAX, JC Enviro partook in a trial of the mobile MSU:10 unit to test their material. After a successful trial with processing their material, design began on their mobile unit to be built specific to their processing needs and abilities.

The mobile dewatering unit that JC Enviro has invested in from CDEnviro will extract the rag and grit from a variety of waste water systems including digester cleanouts, storm tank cleaning, and gully waste. With CDEnviro’s G:MAX, JC Enviro will be able to reduce the weight of their waste by dewatering all the solids to decrease the volume of material. Therefore, CDEnviro’s technology reduces the cost of disposal for JC Enviro, allowing them to save money and decrease their disposal amount by approximately 80% into the diminishing landfills. Likewise, the mobile unit allows JC Enviro to lessen their carbon footprint by dewatering the solids directly at any site.

Both JC Enviro and CDEnviro are excited for the installation of the G:MAX mobile unit in early 2017 at the company’s headquarters in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan and continuing to improve and install landfill diversion technology across Ireland.

For further information on CDEnviro’s Landfill Diversion Technology or the MSU:10 Trial Unit, please contact or  visit us at and