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CDEnviro Technology at Scottish Water Perth STW is approaching its 5th birthday and still making operations smoother

29 May 2017

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The introduction of the CDEnviro sludge screen in November 2012 and its regular upkeep has allowed Scottish Water Perth to increase their sludge handling capacity and improve the efficiency of their sludge screening operations overall.

Scottish Water is the fourth largest water and wastewater services provider in the UK.  The company is the sole provider of water and wastewater services to an area of over 30,000 square miles.  Scotland, with its long coastline of over 6,800 miles has a relatively dispersed population.  This means a large number of small water and wastewater treatment works are required to service the population.  In total, Scottish Water has around 5 million customers in 2.49 million households.

Every day 1.37 billion litres of water is provided and 921 million litres of wastewater is taken away and treated before being returned to the rivers and seas.

The treatment system

The S:MAX SRU:25 has low power consumption and is small in area meaning that there is a small footprint on site.  It’s rapid deployment means that is ideal for tankered imports.

Before the installation of the CDEnviro system, sludge had to go through the Wastewater Treatment works inlet which meant that waste that had previously been treated was being treated again.  This resulted in a waste of time, energy and ultimately increased costs.

As part of a newly built Sludge Reception Centre (SRC) and storage tank, the screen installed by CDEnviro, accepts imported waste from tankers collected from the surrounding areas.  The sludge can be directly pumped in to the SRC, eliminating the need for the sludge to pass through the inlet.  This has allowed the site to centralise operations and bring in more tankers from the local area.

Scottish Water Perth Sludge Reception Centre now processes c9000 cubic metres of sludge per month. Before the SRC, they were importing c6000 cubic metres per month.

Karen Smith, Team Leader at Scottish Water Perth details how the system has changed operations:

“The Sludge Reception Centre is such a strategic part of operations in the Fife & Tayside area. The screen is an extremely critical piece of kit and we mitigate downtime by the use of the available PMI. We also hold a full set of critical spares. This means there is no lead time for replacing any parts.”


Long term success

The success of the solution at Scottish Water Perth can be pinned to regular Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI) since the installation.  This has allowed the initial success of the system to be long lasting.  

In addition, Scottish Water Perth have carefully looked after the solution in order to reduce the need for maintenance.  They regularly check the equipment to make sure it is running smoothly and order spares regularly with the mind-set that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Tim Daly, Service Engineer at CDEnviro, visits the site regularly to make a list of any maintenance needs. He stresses the importance of PMI:

“Preventative maintenance enables us to resolve any potential issues before they become a problem.  At Scottish Water Perth this has meant that the system has had optimum uptime. ” 

Peter Hayes, Business Development Executive at CDEnviro also explains: “Regular liaison with our team and the team at the site in Perth has meant that the system is running more smoothly than ever.  Scottish Water Perth are the perfect example of how investment into preventative maintenance ensures a long lifespan for your system.”


Our solutions at CDEnviro are used in a variety of industries including wastewater treatment works, sewage treatment works, demolition contractors and contractors to the water and wastewater industry.

We provide systems for:

-       Sludge dewatering

-       Sewage waste recycling and recovery

-       Digester cleaning

-       Wet well cleaning

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