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Why Workplace Wellbeing Should be a Priority in Every Business

06 October 2017

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Our computers, our office furniture, our phones and our important files- in business we tend to look after these resources because they’re useful and would cost us if we didn’t.

Companies take good care of all their other resources, but some businesses often fail to put emphasis on the most important resource a company can have- their people.  When a company’s team is driven, healthy and happy there is very little than will stop them from achieving their goals and more. 

As organisations such as the NHS continue to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing, we need to remember that wellbeing isn’t just for our personal life- it’s for every aspect of life, including work.

In 2015, the Telegraph published an article titled “It’s official most people are miserable at work”  . If we assume that a person spends around 40 hours a week in work, this will amount to 160 hours a month and 1,920 hours a year- no one should be spending even a fraction of these 1,920 hours feeling stressed or unhappy.

We know that our team work hard at CDE and we want to make sure they know they are valued. That’s why in the past year we have out together a Wellbeing Team.

Our Wellbeing Team is made up of dedicated members from both CDEnviro and CDE Global who implement wellbeing initiatives across both companies.  We recognise that wellbeing is an umbrella term that includes physical, mental, social, and intellectual wellness among many other elements.  Therefore, we want to address all of these areas when we champion wellbeing in CDE.  Our Wellbeing Team have put many schemes in place to do this including:

- A strong partnership with Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS)

- Fitness classes before and after work-         

- Discounted gym membership to one of our local gyms

- Subsidised Fitbits and our cycle to work scheme

- An in-office blood pressure monitor and oximeter

- Nutritional workshops

- Free fruit in all our offices

- Quarterly social events

- Continual Personal Development

- Personal Resilience workshops

These initiatives are just a few of the schemes that go on at CDE.  We are forever looking for ways to support our team so that we have a happy, healthy and confident workforce. Surely that’s what every business wants and needs to succeed. However, if you expect a confident and driven team who value the company they work so, surely the company they work for has to value them too. 

Workplace Wellbeing shouldn’t be an afterthought.  It’s a priority.