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D:MAX Promotional Opportunity

18 December 2018

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Buy a D:MAX and we'll help you promote it!

We are offering a D:MAX to one customer at a special price.

We would like to work alongside you to create an interactive video experience featuring your new D:MAX. This will be an opportunity to promote your new product and brand.

The Benefits

This is a great opportunity to invest in a solution that will reduce disposal costs by up to 90% as well as creating new revenue streams for your business.

D:MAX is a mobile screening and classification system which efficiently removes grit, rag and other troublesome solids from your waste stream. This results in 90% of water being removed from silt and grit and a minimum of 70% water from rag, resulting in huge disposal cost savings . Separating solids from wastewater and sludge can also reduce wear and tear on water treatment centrifuges and pumps, reducing the risk of breakdowns and controlling maintenance costs.

It can be used to process a variety of materials including:

- Lagoon/Pond Emptying Solids

- Storm Screenings

- Anaerobic Digester Settled Residues

- Tank Cleanout Residues

- Municipal Solids

D:MAX creates new markets for classified and dewatered products. Legislation from Environmental Agencies has designated classified and dewatered grit as a ‘Low Risk Waste’ therefore allowing its use on a range of construction projects. Classified grit material can also be sold to the agricultural market, therefore offering new markets for your business.

Download D:MAX brochure for full details

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D:MAX with Australian Waste Water company, Conhur

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