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A Day in the Life of... Our Business Development Executive

10 January 2018

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Riccardo Wong talks about his role as Business Development Executive at CDEnviro, detailing what he enjoys most about his job and why the waste sector is so important in 2018.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role at CDEnviro

I completed a double degree in chemical engineering and biochemistry and after that, I carried out an IAESTE internship with CDEnviro, which gave me the opportunity to work and live overseas. I worked at the HQ in Northern Ireland for a year and gained a lot of experience while I was there.  After that, I knew there was massive potential and opportunities working for CDEnviro within the Australian market, so I moved back to Australia where I now work as Business Development Executive.

Describe "a day in the life of a business development executive" for CDEnviro in Australia

I regularly meet with potential customers and identify process improvements on their sites.  I’ll liaise and collaborate with our technical team and the client to build a technical solution that meets their business need. Ultimately, we always work to develop a solution that puts out customers ahead of the game in the market.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the travelling and the challenges that come with my role, that’s what I enjoy most. I also really value being able to work with other departments on a regular basis.  I think collaborating with other teams is the best way to be creative and it’s what makes us so agile in our field.

Why is the waste sector so important?

Where there is people - or life in general - there is waste. It’s the law of nature. The world’s population is always increasing, and as a result so are the waste volumes! Despite getting the satisfaction of helping CDEnviro grow and develop, there is also a greater satisfaction in knowing I’m part of the ‘behind the scenes force’ that is helping steer Australia towards a more sustainable future.



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