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Solutions Rather Than Resolutions

09 January 2018

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It’s the 9th of January and our guess is that many people have made a New Year’s resolution and already broken it.  For the persistent few, their resolutions may last a few months longer.  There’s nothing wrong with a resolution- in fact we believe it’s a great thing to have the intention to better yourself.  However, with waste increasing in our throw-away world, now more than ever is the time to think about solutions rather than resolutions for your waste.

New Year, New U…ses For Our Waste

New Year, New You is the standard expression used at this time of year but we would argue that ‘new uses for our waste’ is an underutilized mindset all year round.  We’re not only talking about paper and plastic bottles that we all (should) recycle on a regular basis. For example, did you know that road sweepings waste can be treated so that valuable products such as clean sand that is extracted can be sold and reused? As well as that, brownfield sites can be restored and revitalized for new activity with the correct technology. Even drilling muds contain valuable resources that can be drawn out with the most effective systems.

No Excuse

When we break our resolutions we tend to make excuses and move on.  However, if you have a waste product that is currently going to landfill and costing both your bottom line and the environment then the solution is clear. The technology exists to turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s resources.

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