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Biffa Waste Services progress their waste strategy with second recycling centre at Biffa Meece landfill

23 March 2018

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The UK’s leading waste management company, Biffa, have further demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and evolution of the waste hierarchy for road sweepings and gully waste across the UK.

With the introduction of an advanced recycling system at Meece landfill, close to Stone in Straffordshire, Biffa have extended their forward-thinking approach to waste management with an expansion for treatment and recovery of aggregates from road sweepings.

The aim of the new road sweepings recycling facility is to provide a waste treatment location for local councils and commercial waste producers to maximise the capability of a waste stream and divert it from landfill. This development of Biffa’s strategy will strengthen the network of waste management sites serving Staffordshire and contribute to overall recycling rates. The aim of moving this waste type up the waste hierarchy has never been clearer for Biffa following the installation of a first CDEnviro system in 2016.

John Orchard, Biffa Waste Services, “Following the successful installation and operation of the recycling system at Brookhurst Wood in 2016 we were confident in CDEnviro’s ability to replicate a twin system at the Meece landfill site. The system is both robust and practical for us, while helping achieve our waste targets. We were assured of the high-quality product we could produce and developed our facilities throughout the UK to offer a nationwide approach to waste.”

The CDEnviro technology has been developed to receive and treat up to 25 tonnes per hour of road sweepings and residual waste. 

The CDEnviro solution exists of a reception hopper for the feed material, trommel pre-screen and the HYDRO:GRADE product that both washes, scrubs and screen the waste material before further dewatering occurs. The Meece facility has the addition of a water treatment solution, the CDEnviro HYDRO:FLO. The HYDRO:FLO will ensure clean water will be recycled around the system continuously in an effort to reduce waste water volumes cast by the system.

By maximising their reception capacity, the Meece landfill site can now offer treatment of contaminated materials once sent to landfill, in turn minimising landfill volumes.

Road sweepings and gully waste have been realised as a valuable resource for recovery and reuse. 

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