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5 Reasons to Join the CDEnviro Team

04 October 2018

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“Why do you want to work for this company?” is a question you’ll find in the repertoire of most interviewers, and rightly so!  However, this question is not just important for the hiring company to know the answer to, it’s even more crucial for you to know what attracts you to the business.  Here are 5 reasons why we believe that CDEnviro is a great place to work:


1. We value our team

Our team is the best asset we have- and we know it! We always look for ways to improve how we do things to make life better for our employees. From discounted Fitbits to sports massages and team bonding days, we try to make sure that our team are well-looked after.  Last year, the BBC reported on Jan-Emmanuel De Neve’s study which suggests that raising people’s happiness makes them between 7-12% more productive. Our goal is to have a healthy, happy and hard-working team not just because that’s what makes businesses flourish but because our people are important to us!

2. We value our Values

As part of the CDE group of companies, our values are ‘Do it Right’, ‘Do it Safe’ and ‘Do it Now’. These values are really important to us and they guide everything we do, helping us do things safely, quickly and for the good of our customers and team

3. If travel’s your thing- there are lots of opportunities!

If you have the travel bug, the sky’s the limit at CDEnviro.  We have projects in Australia, the US, Canada, South Africa and lots of places in between- you can be sure there will be an opportunity to travel if you’d like one!

4. You’ll be challenged

We don’t pretend that working at CDEnviro is easy, but none of the best people want to be stagnant or idle! You’ll learn lots here, but you’ll be supported.  We always work as a team, challenging and helping each other along the way.

5. We’re growing- and fast!

CDEnviro is growing rapidly with new team members, new products and new markets to develop. Being a part of the CDEnviro team means you’ll be a part of making change and creating a circular economy across the globe. There are so many opportunities for growth- CDEnviro is your oyster!

For more information on current opportunities visit our vacancies page, or get in touch to find out more

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