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Scottish Water continues to prove its commitment to innovation and resilience with investment in CDEnviro S:MAX G at Cumnock

12 April 2019

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Cumnock WwTW is located in Ayrshire and is one of of 1800 waste water treatment plants Scottish Water operates, treating 929 megalitres of waste water every day. Although often seen as an old town with a Victorian feel, the treatment works at Cumnock is certainly not averse to innovation and continuous improvement.

Scottish Water Cumnock began trialling the S:MAX G screening technology back in September 2017 and then invested in the system in October 2018 after a successful trial. 

The S:MAX G will be used to screen indigenous and imported sludges to recover rag and grit before the sludge is fed to gravity belt thickeners, anaerobic digestion and dewatering decanters on site. Removing rag and grit at the sludge-tanker import station will not only protect downstream processes from wear and abrasion but also dramatically improve digester effectiveness. Grit that would have previously built up in the digester and required tank shutdown and cleanouts, is now removed beforehand, resulting in optimised uptime and efficiency. 

It is estimated that the system will save the Cumnock site significantly on digester cleanouts and pump wear costs alone.

Bill Gracie, Team Leader said, “The S:MAX G is a really useful piece of kit that’s helping us ensure reliable import screening and maximum digester uptime, which means we can process sludge more efficiently.  Our investment in the S:MAX G is just one way we are showing our commitment to innovation and resilience to create better value for our customers.”

CDEnviro provides wastewater solutions for:

-             Sludge dewatering

-             Sewage waste recycling and recovery

-             Digester cleaning

-             Wet well cleaning

For more information on S:MAX G visit our S:MAX G product page or get in touch at

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