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The importance of upkeep and maintenance

03 December 2019

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Within the waste industry we understand how essential it is to properly maintain and service equipment to ensure everything continues working efficiently, general wear and tear is maintained, and final product specifications are not compromised. CDEnviro’s CustomCare Manager, Joe Wade observes how the waste industry needs companies to invest in maintenance and promote best practice in the sector.

Predict and prevent or fail and fix?

For many years we have all recognised that maintenance and equipment upkeep is essential to maintain productivity levels as well as ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. However, one key component that is frequently unrecognised is how effective maintenance not only assists with productivity but also profitability.

When focusing on day and daily objectives equipment maintenance is not always the key priority and is often an area that lacks crucial strategic and financial investment. When it comes to best practice across the industry, we can all identify that unplanned downtime is inefficient, unwelcome and even minor downtime can lead to significant production losses.

Regular maintenance reduces unplanned downtime and provides companies the ability to assess the quality of products, monitor equipment performance and machine wear. It ensures that the quality of waste processing is uncompromised. We urge customers to avoid ‘fail and fix’ reactive maintenance and moving forward, suggest they implement maintenance procedures to ‘predict and prevent’. We must understand the value of upkeep and maintenance and consider the importance of investment towards it.

We have found that preventative maintenance visits often flag up a training need, perhaps as new operators have come on board or where refresher training is required for operators to maintain efficiencies. When we visit a plant that is not processing as much as it should, we can often increase production immediately by implementing a series of minor improvements- again this often highlights a training need which can be easily rectified. Recently our engineers have reported several cases where cost savings have been made following a planned maintenance visit-one plant was found to be over-greasing their motor which could have cost thousands to replace if not caught early and at another plant, engineers found too much polymer was being added to the thickener, resulting in unnecessary costs.

Maintenance will maintain Health and Safety

In October 2019, the GB Health and Safety Executive reported that 4.5% of workers in the waste industry suffered from work-related ill health, this is significantly higher than the rate for workers across all other industries[1]. According to the Environmental Services Agency (ESA) injury rates in the waste industry are falling but the industry is still regarded as one of the most dangerous industries to work in with fatalities in the industry being fifteen times higher than the all-UK industry average[2]. Our key priority in CDEnviro is to ensure customers equipment is maintained so your work place and machinery remain safe for all employees.

Maintenance visits are vital to ensure safe inspection of heavy equipment to reduce risk for potential serious accidents to occur. At CDEnviro we provide unique training through our Service School which allows employees to be knowledgeable, self-sufficient and help eradicate the need for third parties to intervene and undertake routine maintenance tasks. We believe that knowledge is power and by providing this training we can support customers to maintain high levels of quality and productivity while keeping their teams safe on site.

CustomCare with CDEnviro

Alongside our Service School our experienced CDEnviro CustomCare team offer a suite of support services which ensures optimum production levels and machine efficiency for customers. We have developed support packages and training that are tailored to your system and requirements. For more information on the maintenance support we can provide visit our CustomCare page.

Moving ahead into 2020 we urge companies in the waste and manufacturing industries to ensure upkeep and maintenance in strategic planning is a key priority. We believe in ensuring planned downtime is correctly scheduled to allow maintenance to be completed. Try to remember that investment in maintenance will result in reduced unplanned downtime and unexpected dips in productivity and profits.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Get in touch with us on LinkedIn or contact us at to continue the conversation!

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