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Ways to be Waste-Conscious this Valentine’s Day

06 February 2019

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Valentine’s day is a day that divides opinion- some people see it as a day to spread love, others as no more than a money-making scheme which only benefits retailers. Whether you’re on one side of the argument or somewhere in between, the chances are that you still might buy a card or a token gift for your loved one or for a friend this Valentine’s day. However, just like Christmas, this holiday can be one that brings with it unnecessary waste.

Here are a few ways to be more waste-conscious this Valentine’s day. 

1. Ditch the ‘cupboard’ gift

Let’s face it- most of the ‘go-to’ gifts for Valentine’s day are the ones that you end up putting in the cupboard a week or two after. If you’re going to spend money on the giant teddy bear, make sure that it’s going to be loved and put on display. If not, opt for something that will be used or go for an experience rather than a gift. This will ensure minimum waste- not to mention maximum enjoyment!

2. Find alternatives to the Valentine's card

Some people have a keepsakes box for cards from Valentine’s pasts and if that’s the case- the card is the right way to go. However, if your loved one is in the group that throws away the card after a week or two, then ditch the card for an alternative. You can send a video message, use an old photo to write your Valentine’s message on or think of other waste-free alternatives!

3. Purchase something eco-friendly, ethical or reusable

There are many gifts out there now that are made from recovered ‘waste’ products. As well as that, we should always think about the long-term life of the product we’re buying- is it reusable or recyclable? Why not thinking about purchasing a ‘keep-cup’ for your Valentine to reduce the amount of plastic or cardboard waste they consume in a year.


These are just a few ways we could be more waste-conscious this Valentine’s day, but we know that you’ll have many more ideas to share. Get in touch with more ideas on Twitter @CDEnviro or LinkedIn.


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