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If you’re serious about rethinking the world’s resources these are the events to attend in the second half of 2019

03 July 2019

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We may be into the second half of the year, but it doesn’t mean that our ambitions of creating a more sustainable business and world should fall by the wayside. If you’re thinking about the environmental impact and the efficiency of your waste or wastewater organisation, then we’ve got some recommendations for you in terms of events to attend this year. Calendars at the ready!

 1. No Dig Down Under, Australia, 10th-13th September

This event is dedicated to trenchless technology- and it’s the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere.  So, if hydro excavation/non-destructive digging is your thing, this is the conference for you.  We outlined some of the reasons to attend NDDU in a recent blog which include being part of the conversation, exploring Melbourne while you’re there and best of all, learning how to take control of your wet waste. We’ll be exhibiting at Booth 30- let us know if you’d like to organise a meeting!


2. Contamination Expo, England, 11th-12th September

The topic of contaminated soils is becoming more and more pertinent around the world and if you’re involved in land remediation at all, this is a conversation you are certain to want to be part of! As well as the land remediation expo, there are six other shows that make up the contamination expo series with themes such as hazardous materials and wastewater.  We’ll be exhibiting at H7 in the land remediation hall so make sure to pop by if you’re there. One of our wastewater experts, Joshua McCann, will also be presenting on emerging contaminants in contaminated soils and how current treatment processes must adapt.  


3. WEFTEC, USA, 23rd-25th September

If you’re in the water industry and haven’t been to WEFTEC yet, we’d strongly recommend it! This year is the 92nd year of the conference which in itself proves the value of the event. The exhibition and conference takes place in McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois- so what’s not to love about the location for a start! Even more importantly, as water is our world’s most vital resource, we must continually strive to improve efficiency to make it affordable and accessible for all- conferences just like WEFTEC are putting this aim as a priority. Not only that, but we believe that the water industry at a global scale isn’t reaping the benefits of sludge as a resource.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter- pop along for a chat at Stand 5560.   


4. Waste & Recycling Expo (CWRE), Canada, 9th-10th October

If you’re in Canada or the US, or even if you’re further afield, the Waste & Recycling Expo in Toronto is a key event for everyone who is interested in environmental technologies.  Just like the Contamination Expo, soil washing is set to be a major topic.  We’ll be discussing how to remove contaminants such as PFAS, heavy metals and hydro carbons from contaminated land. As well as that, we’ll be showcasing many of our solutions for hydro excavation muds and a number of other applications.  If you’re in the waste industry, why not join the other 3,000 attendees at CWRE this October?


5. Waste Expo, Australia, 23rd and 24th October

Held in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and welcoming around 4,000 attendees, Waste Expo Australia is set to give you lots of ideas about how to take back control of your solid/liquid wastes and wastewater. It’s a great platform for networking and finding out the newest trends in the industry- not to mention that it’s set in a great city too! We’ll be exhibiting at Stand C14- don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to organise a meeting with us. And just when you didn’t think you needed any more reasons to visit- It’s free to attend as well!


6. Australian Waster & Recycling Expo (AWRE), Australia, 30th-31st October

Just like if you’re in Canada, CWRE is a must, so too is AWRE if you’re in Australia.  Recycling, sustainability and circular economy are the big buzz words at the moment but most people think about plastic reduction and glass recycling when it comes to these topics of conversations-  we’ll be at AWRE to demonstrate that although these topics are hugely important, there are valuable resources and recycling possibilities within even the most unlikely of wastes (street sweepings is one brilliant example of this!). We’ll be at AWRE in ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour in October- will you?


7. Ecomondo, Italy, 5th-8th November

From the list above, it may seem like Australia and the US are doing all the work when it comes to resource recovery, but we know that Europe is taking huge steps in the area of sustainability too.  Ecomondo is a platform to be inspired and to make decisions on the sustainable direction of your business. If you live in Europe, or if you’re vacationing nearby, Ecomondo is one not to miss! Our European team will present solutions for wastes such as road sweepings and contaminated soils and prove that these valuable resources don’t have to be lost to landfill! Visit us in Hall A1, Stand 064- we’d love to see you!


We know that you can’t attend every event dedicated to waste or wastewater (and if you did, you could never put sustainability into practice!) however we believe strongly that events such as the seven named above, are platforms to not only promote a circular economy but also to make key decisions that will impact your business positively for years to come.  Let’s keep the conversation around repurposing waste going. Let’s champion a new world of resource together!


If you’re attending any of the exhibitions/conferences above, we’d love to organise a meeting with you- don’t hesitate to get in touch.


* Image is titled 'Save the Date' by Marco Verch and can be used under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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