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Kiely Bros. Ltd. demonstrate their commitment to a circular economy with investment in CDEnviro recycling technology

15 November 2019

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Specialists in carriageway and footway surface treatments, Kiely Bros. Ltd., have partnered with CDEnviro to develop a trommel fines recycling facility in the UK.

 Established in the late 1950s, Midlands-based Kiely Bros. Ltd., offer a range of road surfacing treatments and skip hire services across England, Scotland and Wales. The skip waste produced from this area of their business is processed through a dry recycling system and a picking station in order to recover materials and divert them from landfill. Trommel fines, however, are residue waste that result from this process which cannot be treated effectively in a dry process and therefore were previously the constituent of the skip waste which was sent to landfill.

Sending trommel fines to landfill not only meant a considerable cost for Kiely Bros. Ltd. but also did not align to the environmentally friendly business practices that Kiely Bros. Ltd. are passionate about creating.  As a result, Kiely Bros. Ltd. have partnered with equipment providers CDEnviro to develop a recycling facility dedicated to the wet processing of trommel fines. Kiely Bros. Ltd. have previously worked with the CDE group in 2012 on a mobile processing plant and were keen to work with CDEnviro after the success of the first CDE project.  

Kiely Bros. Ltd. produce over 600 tonnes of trommel fines waste per week and the CDEnviro solution is set to divert at least 70% of this from landfill. The recycling facility will be based in Birmingham and will incorporate some of the latest wet processing technology in the industry such as the CDEnviro HYDRO:GRADE, G:MAX, CFCU and the patented CO:FLO.  The facility will accept 30 tonnes per hour of trommel fines waste that will be washed and sorted in order to recover as many valuable resources as possible.

The sand and aggregates extracted from the trommel fines waste will be resold and reused in the secondary aggregates market creating a circular economy in the industry.

Mike Kiely, owner of Kiely Bros. Ltd., noted his enthusiasm about the recent investment, “We are really excited to announce the development of the new facility at Cherrywood Road in Birmingham. We’ve partnered with CDEnviro to ensure the highest level of technology is used to close the loop and extract as many resources as possible from the trommel fines waste, while also saving the business money.”

Matt Bunting from CDEnviro noted what the investment means for the UK, “A facility which is solely dedicated to diverting trommel fines from landfill is a big deal for the UK and Ireland.  We’re looking forward to working with Kiely Bros. on the project and continuing a partnership that we are sure will last for many years to come.”

For more information on Kiely Bros. Ltd., visit or to find out more about CDEnviro technology, get in touch by emailing   

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