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Join Josh McCann at the Contamination Expo to understand more about soil washing techniques

10 September 2019

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Our Waste Water Engineer Josh McCann will be taking to the stage on Thursday 12th September at the Contamination Expo to discuss 'An Overview of Contaminated Soil Washing Techniques'. 

Josh will be highlighting remediation options for different contaminants present around the globe, whilst outlining key areas for development in the industry today - required to ensure up to date knowledge is at the forefront. Josh will also discuss and review current soil washing technology, common or historical contaminants found in soils and their origins as well as new contamination. Exploring how these will impact soil washing techniques in the future. 

The Contamination Expo is a key platform to demonstrate our expertise at CDEnviro and provide opportunities to collaborate with others to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues in the world today.

Our current knowledge is based on historical contaminants, whereas emerging contaminants require a mixture of scientific knowledge, practical pilot testing and large-scale demonstrations. Join us in Theatre 26 from 13.15pm - 13.45pm to find out more and have an opportunity to meet some of the wider CDEnviro team. 

#contamination #landremediation