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Removing the Waste Burden

27 May 2020

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Established in 1978, Bettergrow Pty Ltd has become one of the most innovative recyclers of organic residuals and by-products in Australia. Based in New South Wales, Bettergrow offers solutions that turn waste products such as drilling muds, biosolids, and grease trap waste into reusable products suitable for sale in a range of markets.

Since 2016, Bettergrow has been working with CDEnviro to remove the waste burden of hydro excavation waste from many companies in NSW, creating a more sustainable society.

As the non-destructive digging (NDD) industry goes from strength to strength, Bettergrow recognised the waste burden that comes with this otherwise highly reliable process. Bettergrow first opened one of NSW largest hydro excavation/drilling mud recycling facilities in 2008 in Vineyard, NSW and later installed CDEnviro equipment in 2016.

Diverting Waste From Landfill

Hydrovac Waste Management Solutions - CDEnviro

The technology installed at the site in Vineyard, Australia, uses vibrating platform screen technology to separate solid/liquid waste that requires classification or dewatering. Through this technology, Bettergrow is processing around 30m3 per hour of NDD waste. This equates to approximately 60,000m3 per year of NDD muds which would otherwise be sent to landfill at high disposal costs.

Bettergrow is not only diverting this waste from landfill, but they are also finding beneficial re use solutions and using the recovered clean sand and oversize materials to develop their own array of soil conditioning products.

Bettergrow’s most recent investment is worth over $10 million and marks a large expansion upon their already highly successful facility.  The new facility will be situated at Wetherill Park NSW and will incorporate the latest technology in hydrovac waste recycling.

The Wetherill Park facility will showcase some of the newest and most innovative technology in the waste industry including the CDEnviro HYDRO:TIP™ which is a patented tipping station for vacuum tanker muds and other solid liquid wastes. Bettergrow customers that use the facility will benefit from significant cost savings on both transport and landfill.

The owner of Bettergrow, Neil Schembri, said “The large-scale recycling facility at Wetherill Park will enable Bettergrow to not only process larger volumes of muds than ever before but also process a range or other complex and highly contaminated wastes. Both facilities are designed to make NSW as sustainable as it can be. We believe in business that has a positive impact on the community and a positive impact on the environment”.

Discover the CDEnviro HYDRO:TIP™ today

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