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The CO:FLO™ is an advanced liquid/solid separation system, resulting in optimal water clarification and solids ​settlement.

Return On Investment Return On Investment

The leading industry solution, in terms of performance, cost, power requirement, minimal maintenance requirement, volume of flow treated and footprint required. The CO:FLO™ facilitates the use of tertiary wastewater treatment solutions for customers aiming to achieve "End of Waste" status.

High-efficiency water recycling process means that top-up water requirement is minimal keeping operational costs to a minimum and avoiding water disposal costs.

Optimization of chemical performance results in higher quality sludge which in turn results in a higher quality cake, facilitating lower disposal costs.

Performance Performance

A multi-stage chemical dosing and application process, with the ability to treat ultrafines and other elements that would typically cause an issue in the settlement process. This results in water quality that is unparalleled in our industry, with ultra low residual solids, while enhancing the performance of the settlement process. All of this equates to higher plant operational availability.

Scientifically proven process developed in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin.

Multiple patents have been granted (GB 2526872, GB 2528753, GB 255298909 & WO 2018033423) to this class leading process that optimises chemical application and performance.


Efficiency Efficiency

Maximises the potential of all chemicals applied resulting in the most efficient and effective use of chemicals.

This complete water treatment and chemical storage solution extends the chemical replenishment period resulting in higher operator efficiency.

Chemical replacement procedure now requires minimal manual intervention, resulting in a much quicker change over procedure and consequentially higher plant operational availability.

Built To Last Built To Last

Complete water treatment system unit made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials in regions in direct contact with chemicals.

Coupled with a design ethos of removing all wear areas through clever design/flow configuration with the cumulative result being a robust and durable product that is built to last.

All pipework is internally routed and all pumps built within the unit resulting in a higher level of protection reducing the risk of accidental damage.

Few moving parts mean a very low risk of component failure.


Safety Safety

All chemical addition points and chemical storage is enclosed within the CO:FLO™ minimising contact and hence greatly reducing the risks associated with handling chemicals.

Operator access roller door is interlocked with the main door ensuring operator safety when changing IBC’s.

Minimal residual solids removes the requirement for operators to assess and clean certain elements of the plant, avoiding work in confined spaces etc.

Environment Environment

Efficient use of chemicals not only results in optimum performance but avoids residual chemicals circulating and hence a higher class end product with no wastage.

Potential to reduce centrifuge cake volume reducing the transportation requirement and liquid going to landfill.

Optimises recycled water for recirculation resulting in a low water requirement.

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

Modular design allows rapid site erection, speeding up the commissioning process and allowing you to process materials quicker.

The unit is completely pre-wired and all chemical dosing lines are plumbed in the factory, resulting in minimal site set-up.

More robust water treatment system, meaning that the optimal chemical set points can quickly be determined.

 Model: CO:FLO

Maximum Capacity: 130 m³/hr

Water requirement: N/A


With polymer plant: 8100 kg

Without polymer plant: 7900 kg

Power requirement: 

With polymer plant: 4.5 kW

Without polymer plant: 2.2 kW

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