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The Decanter is a high speed continuous separator of solids and liquids, used to maximise recycled water within the CDEnviro system.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

Reduces the volume of waste sent to expensive landfill with improved dewatering capability.

Reduces the requirement for process water top-up by recovering more water from the waste.

Continuous processing reduces requirement for large expensive buffer tanks.

Performance Performance

These machines provide the benefits of high clarifying efficiency and maximum solids dewatering.

High clarifying efficiency ensures recycled water is clean and virtually free from solids.

Improved solids dewatering ensure maximum recovery of water for recycling, as well as a reduction in solids' volume to landfill.

Efficiency Efficiency

New design improves efficiency in a range of areas.

Certain control and power transmission features contribute to a 40% reduction in power consumption.

Automatic torque control features allow for variations in feed material.


Built To Last Built To Last

Highest specification components are used throughout to ensure maximum plant and component life.

Various wear protection measures throughout the decanter including tungsten carbide on the scroll.

The inside of the decanter bowl is also fitted with longitudinal wear strips which help solid conveyance within the bowl while reducing bowl wear.


Environment Environment

Recovered solids and water phases provide numerous options for re-use. 

Higher water recycling rate, reducing the power requirments and the need for customer top-up.

Recovered solids can be used in agriculture and waste management.


Safety Safety

Instrumentation, isolators, guards and ease of access all contribute to a safe working environment.

Decanter fitted with safety switches for emergency stop, vibration warning and trip and high bearing temperature.

Health and Safety compliant walkways, isolators and guards to ensure quick, easy and safe access for maintenance.


Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

Rapid set-up, minimal footprint and our continuous focus on transfer point technology ensures the Decanter is ready for action quickly and easily.

Considerably quicker set-up and smaller footprint than other comparative sludge dewatering systems.

Standard flange connections for quick install.


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