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The CDEnviro range of feed systems enables the quickest and most efficient processing of a range of materials, some of which are not dry enough to load or wet enough to pump. The HYDRO:FEED can be applied to various applications and can feed materials including hydroexcavation muds, contaminated dredgings and other thixotropic wastes.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

HYDRO:FEED enables the feed of very difficult materials

The effective feed of thixotropic material can save operators time and money on other more complex feed systems.

The system offers oversize protection to downstream equipment.

Efficiency Efficiency

HYDRO:FEED allows for feeding and sizing on one structure to optimise efficiency.

Performance Performance

Using high-efficiency technology, the performance of the HYDRO:FEED is maintained through its ability to receive even the most difficult of materials.

The system can easily adapt to surges in material, which usually accompany the manual loading processes used to feed the system. 


Built to Last Built to Last

The highest quality components and intelligent design ensure a system that is built to last.

The feed system is galvanized and designed with the site's environment in mind. 

A ceramic lagged head drum allows for better tracking and reduces slippage by allowing more traction between the drum and belt. 



Environment Environment

The HYDRO:FEED enables the most efficient processing of difficult materials which otherwise could have to be spread over land and dried before it could be processed. 

The system saves on unnecessary transporting of the waste, allowing it to be processed in its current wet state. 


Environmental Remediation Brochure

Technical Detail

Model:  WF-100

Maximum Capacity: 100TPH

Water Requirement:  Typical range 80-200m3/hr

Dry Feed:  Yes

Weight:  15T

Power Requirement:  55kw (excluding oversize conveyor).

Feed Height:  5.3m

Discharge Height:  Oversized = 1.3m.  Undersized = 1m


Length:  8.5m

Width:  3.4m

Note -  Duty details above subject to change depending on throughput requirements and material composition.

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