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HYDRO:FLO brings significant cost savings as it reduces the area previously required to accommodate ponds or lagoons and also reduces the volume of fresh water required to feed your plant by up to 90%.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

The HYDRO:FLO recovers land that was previously used for ponds as well as preventing unnecessary disposal of wastewater and the subsequent repurchase of freshwater.

Minimises the volume of waste to be processed downstream.

90% of water can be reused throughout your recycling system.


Performance Performance

Fine particles are removed from the process flow and settle at the bottom of the tank allowing clean water to overflow the weir of the cycle and be pumped back through the system.

Settled sludge is conditioned to a thick slurry and is sent on for further processing.  

Sludge density is monitored using the resistance created from the conditioning rakes in the tank.


Efficiency Efficiency

The efficiency of the HYDRO:FLO is highlighted through maximum settlement recovery and reducing the amount of fresh water required.

Natural settlement reduces the cost and requirement of further treatment process.

The HYDRO:FLO can recover up to 90% of the water used in your washing system for re-circulation.


Built To Last Built To Last

Quality components are used to assemble the HYDRO:FLO to ensure product longevity.

WIMES high grade coating ensures material degradation is avoided at all times.

FEA Analysis used to maximise strength to weight ratio.


Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

Modular bolted sections of the HYDRO:FLO eliminate on-site welding, therefore reducing installation time.


Safety Safety

A full inspection bridge, galvanised walkways, handrails and stairs have all been implemented to offer better health and safety for site personnel.

Health and Safety compliant walkways to ensure quick, easy, safe access for maintenance.


Environment Environment

Minimising the use of natural resources and the reducing the burden on downstream wastewater equipment are both key to the success of the HYDRO:FLO.

Minimising the footprint of the recycling system ensures that environmental standards are upheld.

By reducing the waste water management requirements, this results in a cleaner and safer site to operate.

 Model: A100

Maximum Feed Rate: 100 m3/hr

Sludge Flow Rate: 5 T/hr

Sludge Pump: 3/2

Sludge Pump Power Requirement: 11 kW

Rakes Power Requirement: 1.1 kW

Weight (Empty): 8 T

Weight (Full): 60 T

Feed Height: 3350 mm

Clean Water Discharge Height: 3450 mm

Dimensions: See diagram


Model: A200

Maximum Feed Rate: 200 m3/hr

Sludge Flow Rate: 10 T/hr

Sludge Pump: 3/2

Sludge Pump Power Requirement: 11 kW

Rakes Power Requirement: 2.2 kW

Weight (Empty): 11 T

Weight (Full): 120 T

Feed Height: 3620 mm

Clean Water Discharge Height: 3640 mm

Dimensions: See diagram


Model: A400

Maximum Feed Rate: 400 m3/hr

Sludge Flow Rate: 20 T/hr

Sludge Pump: 4/3

Sludge Pump Power Requirement: 15 kW

Rakes Power Requirement: 3 kW

Weight (Empty): 20 T

Weight (Full): 200 T

Feed Height: 4420 mm

Clean Water Discharge Height: 4490 mm

Dimensions: See diagram

 Model: A600

Maximum Feed Rate: 600 m3/hr

Sludge Flow Rate: 30 T/hr

Sludge Pump: 6/4

Sludge Pump Power Requirement: 30 kW

Rakes Power Requirement: 4 kW

Weight (Empty): 25 T

Weight (Full): 270 T

Feed Height: 4600 mm

Clean Water Discharge: Height 4800 mm

Dimensions: See diagram


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