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HYDRO:GRADE screens and scrubs material to ensure effective removal of contaminants.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

The HYDRO:GRADE offers superior separation of lightweight and fine constituents, through a series of density separation techniques, ensuring the highest quality products.

Industry-leading HYDRO:GRADE components offer a significantly lower cost of ownership due to their excellent performance and robust specification.

Lightweight constituents are efficiently removed resulting in the highest quality end product.

Performance Performance

 The HYDRO:GRADE can be applied in the treatment of a variety of materials to produce high quality products. This solution encompasses a series of techniques including a 2-stage density separation process, attrition and high pressure washing. 

The HYDRO:GRADE produces up to three stone, one sand and an organic fraction, all of which can be reused.

Efficiency Efficiency

 The HYDRO:GRADE minimises power requirements and water specifications to produce high quality products as efficiently as possible.

Integrated return pipework between the oversize sump and sump minimises installation time and ensures the most efficient transfer of material.

The highly efficient separation process ensures that all products are of the highest quality by minimising the level of unwanted constituents.

Built to Last Built to Last

The highest quality components and intelligent design ensure a system that is built to last. Key design features include rubber lining, long radius bends, remote greasing, metals removal and easy maintenance access, all of which guarantee maximum system uptime and longevity.

Efficient movement of material from one stage of processing to another - CDEnviro transfer point technology (TPT).

Polyurethane mats on the dewatering screen guarantee maximum protection from wear.

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

Integration of all HYDRO:GRADE elements on a single compact, transportable chassis allows for the unit to be moved to alternative sites much more quickly and efficiently than other systems.

Building block structure allows for easy modification of the system to meet your individual solution requirements.

The HYDRO:GRADE is pre-tested, pre-wired and pre-assembled at the CDEnviro production facility ensuring rapid install.

Environment Environment

The effective removal of lightweight and fine constituents from the material ensures final products are of the highest quality. Combining the HYDRO:GRADE with a water treatment system ensures physical and chemical cleanliness of products which can be reused for a variety of purposes.

The system does not require the addition of chemicals or air, and uses recycled water within the system, ensuring maximum water retention.

Safety Safety

The HYDRO:GRADE has numerous safety features to monitor temperature, power and complete circuits. These include local E-Stops, restricted access, sigle drive design, specification of guarding and handrails and temperature sensors.

Safe access to the top of the HYDRO:GRADE provided via a lockable gate and 800mm access stairs compliant to health and safety specification BS 5395-3:1985.

Local E-Stops are present at every motor location to ensure safe operation and maintenance.

Water requirement: 70m3/hr

Weight: 20t

Power requirement: 62kW


Length 12.09m

Width  5.28m

Height 6.55m

Case Study

Irish Waste

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