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The HYDRO:TIP provides fast and safe dedicated tipping stations for vacuum tanker waste, separating solids and liquids before being processed.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

The HYDRO:TIP effectively dewaters and grades hydro excavation/NDD waste to reduce the volume of material sent to landfill and produces clean sand and aggregate, ready for sale or reuse.

When combined with our tertiary water treatment system, the HYDRO:TIP also produces clean, re-useable water.

A rapid tanker discharge time allows tankers to be on the road with minimal downtime.

Limited operator input is required so time can be used more efficiently.

Performance Performance

HYDRO:TIP offers maximum dewatering and processing of slurried waste materials to produce clean reusable sand, aggregate and water products.

The HYDRO:TIP can be used to process hydro excavation/NDD and other tankered wastes.

Traffic light signals indicate the status to the tanker operators ensuring optimum efficiency.

Multiple patents have been granted to this technology (GB 1708952.5 & GB 1720848.9).


Efficiency Efficiency

High frequency screens supported by marshmallow screen mounts ensure the maximum transfer of energy to efficiently dewater and separate the waste material.

By processing at the fastest rate possible, tanker assets are optimised, and transportation costs minimised.

Built to Last Built to Last

Only high quality components are used in the manufacturing of HYDRO:TIP to ensure machine longevity.

Polyurethane screening media ensures long life and efficient screening.

Built with heavy duty materials, the HYDRO:TIP can withstand and perform in the harshest environments.

Environment Environment

Recovered solids can be re-used.

Recovered water is cleaned and recycled to use in the washing process and can be further processed to provide jetting water for the tanker.

Tanker stations only run when required saving energy throughout the day.

Safety Safety

Safe access platforms allow access to wash out tankers while keeping the operator out of harms way.

BS 5395-3 stairs and walkways ensure easy, safe access for inspection.

Isolator systems, emergency stops, guarding and temperature sensors increase the safety of site personnel and a Traffic Light system informs operators of unit readiness and status.

Hydrostatic sensors ensure uptime and efficient processing, while preventing flooding.

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