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MSU:10 uses vibrating platform screen technology. It is a portable sludge screen designed to facilitate efficient solid and liquid separation from a variety of applications.

Return On Investment Return On Investment

The MSU:10 has been designed to ensure that operating costs are kept to a minimum as a generator of no more than 40Kva is required to run the unit and the water requirement is low.

Many landfills now forbid the disposal of wet waste – MSU:10 dewaters solids allowing wider disposal options.

Performance Performance

Efficient solid and liquid separation with reduced waste volumes.

MSU:10 can be applied to a wide range of applications including screenings removal from sludge and grit recovery. MSU:10 can also act as a pre-screener to remove larger debris/screenings prior to processing, or as a temporary imported sludge screen.


Efficiency Efficiency

Processing waste material at the point where it is produced results in operational and financial efficiencies.

Turnaround time for tankers is considerably increased. 



Built To Last Built To Last

Highest specification components are used throughout to ensure maximum plant and component life.

Polyurethane mats on the dewatering screen guarantee maximum protection from wear.

Rosta mounts minimise the transfer of vibration to the supporting structure.

Environment Environment

The ability to pre-screen wastewater before sending it on for further treatment reduces environmental impact.

Potential odours from sludge are contained through the introduction of Odour Control measures.

The MSU:10 footprint is less than a parking space.

Safety Safety

Built with safety in mind for quick, easy and safe access to carry out essential plant maintenance.

Walkways for easy visual inspection, operation and maintenance access.

Maximum water and material retention within the circuit for a cleaner, safer, more productive site.

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

The design of the MSU:10 into a single complete unit allows for transportation by a six yard skip vehicle.

No requirement for expensive crane lifts.

The six yard skip vehicle ensures that set up on location is quick and hassle free.


Video Gallery

Model: MSU:10

Maximum Capacity : 33 L/s

Wet feed: Yes

Dry feed: Optional

Weight: 4.1 t

Power requirement: 15 kW

Water requirement: 8.3-11 L/s


Length: 4.39 m

Width: 1.93 m

Height: 2.9 m


We would like to keep you informed by email. Are you happy to receive information from us?

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