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MSU:10 G

MSU:10 G is the smallest multi-purpose size and density solids separation package in the market. It can be used in various applications including: tank cleanout operations (sewage tanks and digesters), gully waste and interceptor cleanouts, mobile decanter protection, backup and emergency screening.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

- Reduced volumes of waste being sent to landfill allows you to save money from the start.

- Offers a huge reduction of up to 90% in disposal costs.

- Mobility and a small footprint means MSU:10 G can travel between sites eliminating the requirement to transport waste to a central processing facility, saving on transport costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Performance Performance

- A compact package system delivering maximum performance with as little carbon footprint as possible.

- Density removal via hydrocyclone, adds significant benefit over the standard MSU:10.

- Effective grit and silt recovery (5 l/s at 6% dry solids screening at 6mm forr oversize) expands the roles MSU:10 G can play in liquid waste management applications.

- Can be applied to any mobile solid/liquid separation market, e.g. sewage tank sludge, hydro excavation waste and many more.

Efficiency Efficiency

- From enquiry to delivery and start-up, MSU:10 G speeds up response time and project time.

- Rosta screen mounts ensure the maximum  transfer of energy to the material on the screen offering the most efficient use of power.

Built to last Built to last

- Highest specification components are used throughout to ensure maximum plant and component life.

- The technology featured on the MSU:10 G has been employed in the toughest materials handling industries for over 20 years, e.g. granite, iron ore.

Environment Environment

- Recovered grit and silt has the potential to be recycled for re-use or sold for revenue gain.

- A stronger, smaller high frequency screen requires less power to run.

Safety Safety

- An integrated package that allows quick and safe implementation.

- Designed with operator safety in mind.

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

- MSU:10 G is ready for action quickly and easily due to rapid set-up, minimal footprint and our continuous focus on transfer point technology.

-  It allows for quicker deployment than MSU:10 and is fully portable via hook lift lorry.

- MSU:10 G offers an optional compactor, stowable for transport, further reducing waste volumes for disposal in certain applications.

 Wash water requirements (Customer Supply)

Water supply clarity requirement:

<300 mg/L (Maximum Solids Concentration)

<500 micron (Maximum Solids Particle Size)

Water supply pressure requirement:

4 bar

Water supply flow requirement:

8 l/s


Power Requirement 

Plant type



Individual Power Requirement (kw)


Vibrating Motor



Sludge Pump



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