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PRO:DEC will remove solids from any waste stream enhancing overall process efficiency and regulating flow to the final sludge treatment system.

Return On Investment Return On Investment

PRO:DEC reduces the volume of waste sent to downstream processes therefore significantly reducing operational costs.

PRO:DEC reduces maintenance costs and increases operational uptime in the entire process, not just at one stage. 

Maximum dewatering of the sand and grit fraction ensures ease of handling and a product that is instantly ready for use.


Performance Performance

PRO:DEC is a cost effective and efficient sludge degritting system that will minimise abrasion and deposition problems in wastewater processes.

PRO:DEC removes the particles that cause wear. It efficiently removes grit to protect decanter scroll tips, filter cloths and other downstream processes from attrition and wear.



Efficiency Efficiency

The PRO:DEC grit separation system ensures the efficient removal of +75micron from the waste stream.

Treated water is held in the onboard buffer tank which ensures a homogenous supply to the decanter or filter press and the flow rate is flexible and is sized to suit each application, increasing the efficiency of the entire operation.

PRO:DEC ensures a consistent, VSD controlled flow of waste water to the next processing phase. 

Built To Last Built To Last

Highest spec components used throughout to ensure maximum plant and component life.

Polyurethane mats on the dewatering screen guarantee maximum wear protection. 

Rosta mounts ensure the maximum  dewatering of material on the screen.  

Environment Environment

Recovered grit can be used to offset virgin resource extraction with the option to reuse in low-grade construction applications such as pipe bedding, road fill and landscaping.

This ensures a reduction in disposal costs and in waste volume. 

PRO:DEC guarantees that discharge from the treatment process is in line with required consents.


Safety Safety

PRO:DEC has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind.

PRO:DEC includes walkways which provide quick, easy and safe access for maintenance.

A mounted external pump is located above ground providing easy access to the pump and the motor for maintenance, increasing the safety of the plant operation.


Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

PRO:DEC is delivered to site in one container, minimising transportation costs and installation time and costs.

PRO:DEC can be quickly and easily retrofitted to an existing water treatment system. This offers operators increased efficiencies with minimal interruption to their process.

The system is skid mounted ensuring rapid deployment, ease of transportation and minimal footprint. 


Model: PRO:DEC

Maximum Capacity: 22 l/s at 15% DS

Water requirements: Up to 11 l/s

Weight: 8.0 t

Power requirement: 40-70 kW

Dimensions (for transport):

Length: 7.5m

Width: 3.7m

Height: 3.2m

Case Study

Irish Waste

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