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S:MAX is a high efficiency liquid screening system that uses unpressurised vibrating platform screens to protect all downstream assets by removing problem materials.

Return on Investment Return on Investment

Removing rag at every stage of the downstream process creates huge cost savings.

The effective removal of rag and grit can save operators money on unnecessary maintenance and downtime.



Safety Safety

The S:MAX is specifically designed with the health and safety of its operators and users in mind. This includes design features that improve health and safety in daily operations, plant inspections and routine maintenance.

BS 5395-3 stairs, ladders and walkways ensure easy, safe access for inspection.

An isolator and emergency stop increase the safety of site personnel.


Efficiency Efficiency

S:MAX processes liquids such as high dry solid sludges in the shortest possible time, minimizing power and reducing tanker downtime and costs.

Its design maximizes the application of energy into the vibrating screen deck, ensuring maximum effect while minimizing noise.

S:MAX can be fully automated via integration with site level control systems, and via addition of a tanker reception control system that also allows measurement of flow rate, volume, and dry solids for quality purposes

Performance Performance

Using the latest high-efficiency sludge screening technology, the performance of the S:MAX is maintained through its ability to receive material directly onto the screen, by operating two feed inlets, hosting an onboard booster pump and operating a unique backwash system.

By discharging directly onto the S:MAX screen, a buffer tank is no longer required.

S:MAX can easily accommodate both indigenous sludge and imported sludge.

Our integrated system can dramatically reduce the instantaneous flow rate of final effluent washing water.


Built to Last Built to Last

Quality components are used to assemble the S:MAX, thus ensuring machine longevity. High wear application screens, WIMES protective paint and a stainless steel system all contribute to this.

At CDEnviro we design screens for some of the toughest materials. Wastewater is at the low end of the abrasion spectrum.

WIMES protective coating ensures corrosive environments do not degrade the machine.


Environment Environment

The S:MAX generates as little impact on the environment as possible, taking into consideration odour and noise levels.

Odour enclosure ensures that potential smells from sludge are contained within the screening system.

The noise level of the S:MAX will not exceed 85db.



Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

The S:MAX is a compact unit that is pre-wired, assembled and factory tested before leaving CDEnviro Headquarters. 

Our Project Management approach ensures that the plant is delivered fully operational and on time.


Model: SRU:15

Maximum Capacity: 47 L/s at 6%DS

Water Requirement: 1.0 L/s

Power Requirement: 19.5 kW (inc. compactor)

Screening Area: 1.8 x 2.4 m

Transport Details: 1no x 40FT (Open Top or EuroLiner)

Dry Weight: 9.0 t


      Length: 5.5 m

      Width: 4.8 m

      Height: 3.3 m

Model: SRU:25

Maximum Capacity: 80 L/s at 6%DS

Water required per wash: 2.0 L/s

Power Requirement: 26 kW (inc. compactor)

Screening Area: 1.8 x 4.0 m

Transport Details: 1no x 40FT (Open Top or EuroLiner)

Dry Weight: 11.0 t


      Length: 8.0 m

      Width: 4.8 m

      Height: 3.8 m

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We would like to keep you informed by email. Are you happy to receive information from us?

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