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S:MAX G uses vibrating platform screen technology, it is the next revolution in grit recovery for generating biosolids and rag removal as independent outputs.

Return On Investment Return On Investment

Removing rag at every stage of the downstream process creates huge cost savings.

Reduced solids passing through pumps, tanks and centrifuges reduces unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime.  

The grit cyclone technology ensures the removal of grit, sand and plastics at the pre-treatment stage to ensure tank capacity further down the treatment line for biomass power generation. 

Performance Performance

Our technology offers maximum grit recovery from waste water – maximising product yield and minimising waste volumes.

The S:MAX G is present at the pre-treatment stage. By discharging directly onto the S:MAX G screen, a buffer tank is no longer required.

The S:MAX G can easily accommodate both indigenous sludge and imported sludge.

Efficiency Efficiency

Guards maximise material and water retention resulting in a safer and more efficient site.

Marshmallow screen mounts ensure the maximum transfer of energy to the material on the screen.

By processing at the fastest rate possible, tanker assets are optimised and transportation costs minimised.

Built To Last Built To Last

Quality components are used to assemble the S:MAX G, thus ensuring machine longevity. High wear application screens, WIMES protective paint and a stainless steel system all contribute to this.

At CDEnviro we design screens for some of the toughest materials. Wastewater is at the low end of the abrasion spectrum.

WIMES protective coating and a stainless steel unit ensures corrosive environments do not degrade the machine.

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment

The S:MAX G is a compact unit that is pre-wired, assembled and factory tested before leaving CDEnviro Headquarters.

Our Project Management approach ensures that the plant is delivered fully operational and on time.

Environment Environment

Recovered grit is a recycled material with many opportunities for re-use including pipe bedding and landscaping. 

Screened and dewatered materials recovered by the S:MAX G can be used in the gasification process - further reducing disposal costs. 

The noise level of the S:MAX G will not exceed 85db.

Safety Safety

The S:MAX is designed with health and safety of its operators and users in mind. This includes design features that improve health and safety in daily operations, plant inspections and routine maintenance.

BS 5395-3 stairs, ladders and walkways ensure easy, safe access for inspection.

Isolator systems, emergency stops, guarding and temperature sensors increase the safety of site personnel and a Traffic Light system informs operators of unit readiness and status.

Hydrostatic sensors ensure uptime and efficient processing, while preventing flooding. 

Karen Smith, Team Leader, Scottish Water Perth

“The Sludge Reception Centre is such a strategic part of operations in the Fife & Tayside area. The screen is an extremely critical piece of kit and we mitigate downtime by the use of the available PMI. We also hold a full set of critical spares. This means there is no lead time for replacing any parts.”

Model: SRU:15G

Maximum Capacity: 39 L/s at 6%DS

Water requirement: 1.0 L/s

Power Requirement: 49.5 kW

Weight: 11 t


Length: 5.5 m

Width: 4.2 m

Height: 4.0 m


Model: SRU:25G

Maximum Capacity: 66 L/s at 6%DS

Water requirement: 2.0 L/s

Power Requirement: 63 kW

Weight: 13 t


Length: 8 m

Width: 4.8 m

Height: 4.2 m

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