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Environmental Remediation

Across the world, we are rapidly redeveloping and rebuilding around urbanized areas. This rise in land development has increased the requirement to remediate land, including excavated, dredged, contaminated and polluted land.

The Problem

Solid/liquid waste such as hydro/vacuum excavation muds, dredged sediment material, underground excavation material, drilling muds and other thixotropic materials can be difficult to dispose of due to their solid contents, which contain a range of contaminated materials. Generally, these wastes are comprised of sand, fine aggregates, organic matter and an elevated level of fine silts and clays.

Hydro excavation waste is difficult to dispose of because of it’s very wet – often almost all liquid – nature. Because of this, it is often unable to be disposed of at conventional landfill sites without being first dewatered. Instead hydro excavation slurry is usually treated as liquid waste and needs to be disposed of at liquid waste facilities which can be expensive.

The Solution

Our tailored solutions can provide custom-made reception centers for receiving this Hydro Vac waste; processing it to recover sand, stone and organics and producing backfill as an independent revenue stream. It also dewaters the final clay content to ensure easy and cheap disposal of the remaining material. 

The recovered water can then simply be reused to fill out going trucks with industry compliant recycled water. Beyond this, if heavily contaminated, this Hydro Vac waste can be further processed to remove heavy metals and hydrocarbons from the waste water stream. This enables a wider range of more difficult (and therefore more lucrative) waste streams to be processed.

We have delivered exceptional Environmental Remediation solutions again and again for major waste management companies globally including:


The Result

The incentives for businesses investing in a hydro excavation recycling solution are extensive, however the main advantages include:

  • Resource recovery- recovering reusable material from hydro excavations, thus significantly reducing the volume that needs to go to landfill and associated disposal costs.
  • Recovering clean dewatered fractions of sand, stone, and aggregates which can be sold for low grade construction applications, creating a new source of revenue.
  • A greater control of waste- companies will have a secure method of processing hydro excavations as opposed to either having to drive hours for a disposal site, or being at the mercy of other disposal facilities if they decide to close or increase their gate fee (particularly in remote areas where limited disposal sites are available).

Overall, our systems provide savings on landfill charges, prevent extra investment in waste storage equipment, and introduce new materials for reuse.

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